KISS’s Gene Simmons: ‘Generations Of Fans Have Been Trained Not To Pay For Music’

Gene Simmons says that he writes new music “all the time” but insists that the business is dead for anybody but the established artists.

Although KISS hasn’t released a studio album since 2012’s “Monster”, frontman Paul Stanley said last fall that a follow-up effort was on the way.

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Asked by Doug Podell of Detroit’s 94.7 WCSX radio station if there is an incentive for KISS to make new records considering that direct music sales play a significantly diminished role compared to a couple of decades ago, Simmons said (hear audio below): “The business is dead. Not for us — we can continue to tour, and The [RollingStones can continue to play the songs everybody loves and so can Paul McCartney and stuff. But for a new band, it’s dead. You have to give away your music for free, because generations of fans have been trained — shamefully — not to pay for music. Download, fileshare, view — I don’t care what you call it — the truth is new bands don’t have a chance.” Via Blabbermouth


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