Through The Eyes Of The Dead Debut “Obitual” Single

Through The Eyes Of The Dead have debuted another brand new single titled “Obitual” today“’Obitual’ is in a first person narrative of someone being buried alive by a cult,” says vocalist Danny Rodriguez. “It blends elements of the ‘Bloodlust sound’ with more of our recent progressive songwriting direction.” The new track comes from the band’s new LP, Disomus, which is scheduled to be released October 13, 2017 via Entertainment One Music (eOne) / Good Fight Music.

The track also features original vocalist Anthony Gunnells who was in the band from its inception through 2007. Rodriguez adds, “We were excited to get Anthony to do a bit on this track. It personally brings me back to 05′ everytime I hear it.”

Obitual” follows “Hate The Living,” which was released last month. Both tracks are available as iTunes instant gratification tracks, meaning fans who pre order the album on iTunes will receive both tracks as instant downloads.

Disomus is the long anticipated follow up to their last LP, Skepsis released in 2010. Disomus marks the second consecutive album with vocalist Danny Rodriguez and drummer Michael Ranne (a first in the group’s impressive history) together with longtime bassist Jake Ososkie and founding guitarist and songwriting engine Justin Longshore. 

Disomus doubles as the studio introduction of new guitarist Steven Funderburk (also of Wretched, Lillake) and the return of original vocalist Anthony Gunnells and his successor, Nate Johnson, via strong guest appearances, bringing Through The Eyes Of The Dead full circle. 

Disomus” is the medical term describing an abnormal fetus with two bodies but one head. The album’s subject matter includes the tale of a man buried alive by a cult (“Obitual”), a dark magician’s creation of a malignant entity via sacrificial killing (“Haruspex”), underworld spirits doomed to roam the earth (“Dismal”), the Styx River of Greek myth (“Vortices in the StygianMaelstrom”), the themes of the Alien/Prometheus film franchise (“Teras,” alternately named for an abnormal fetus with two heads and one body), and the real life tragedy and horror discovered by Rodriguez, a Chicago police officer, when called upon to check on the well being of an elderly person who lived alone (“Till Solace, She’ll Haunt”). 

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