Octopus Premiere New Song “Strike (While the Iron is Hot)”

Detroit based Rock ‘n’ rollers OCTOPUS have debuted “Strike (While the Iron is Hot),” the latest single from their forthcoming LP, Supernatural Alliance. The song can be heard streaming below.

Something is stirring in the lysergic spectral swamps of supernatural Detroit. That legendary city’s significance in the evolution of wild and heavy music through the ages is beyond dispute, but there is always room for another revolution. Purveyors of a uniquely vibrant strain of balls-out psychedelic turbo-rock, Octopus are about to blow open the doors of perception and invite everyone in for a party. Formed in 2008 by guitarist J Frezzato (ex-Electric Six) and vocalist Masha Marjieh, this ten-legged groove machine began as the channeling of a nocturnal hallucination…

Newly signed to legendary UK label Rise Above RecordsOctopus have found a natural home for the launch of their first slab of supercharged psych-metal splendor. Their new mission is to take their riff-heavy third-eye detonations on the road, bringing psychedelic fury to the masses and, if the planets align, bringing the art of blowing minds and bucking the rock’n’roll system back with a reverb-drenched bang. Next stop, the red planet!
“I remember being a kid, hanging out in video game arcades,” J Frezzato recalls. “Those arcades, they were all dark, with blue and red neon lights. Smoke. Drug deals. You went in there as a kid, and you were like, ‘Fuck yeah! I’m on Mars now!’ There were always Blacklight dragon posters on the walls. That was the image that kept coming to me when we were working on this record. Rock’s been turned into a beer commercial, a sporting event and museums and it’s been broken into a million orthodox subgenres. I’m not into that. Rock is an underground thing. That’s where it belongs.”

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