Blood of the Wolf – II: Campaign of Extermination (Self Released)

Blood Of The Wolf is a blackened death metal band from Chicago, Illinois. Formed in 2012, Blood Of The Wolf combines breakneck riffing with memorable melodic passages, relentless drumming and intense vocal delivery. In 2013 the band released a two song demo and in 2015 they released their first full-length, I: The Law of Retaliation. Blood Of The Wolf has been pummeling audiences with relentless, nonstop aggression..

“Goddamn fuck yea” were the first words to come out of my mouth after listening to the first track. This is a good one for any fans of Behemoth, Belphegor or Aeon. I love me some black death. or blackened death whatever you wanna call it. You can hear the earlier Behemoth influence, along with the vocal style that goes hand in hand with the fast riff of the guitars. The drumming helps in keeping the death metal sound throughout the whole experience. The whole album is like a war scene from some medieval times, or maybe a brutal Tolkien Uruk-Hai massacre. It is something that fuels aggression and hatred. There is so much intensity in this album its hard not to nod your head or get pissed off.

I would listen to this after a shitty day at work. I mean I would listen to it anytime its a great album. I love everything about it. The production, the flow of guitars, the fast black metal atmosphere and the fluidity of the vocals. This thing is a goddamn buzzsaw. I can only imagine the atmosphere that Blood of the Wolf creates during their live shows. I can imagine myself inside a mosh pit at their show. There are no weak moments in this album. Even the slow riff buildups increase the intensity brought out by the blackened guitar work and great double bass work. This album did not overstay its welcome by any means. Instead it leaves the listener wanting more. I have no complaints. “A Sermon of Slaughtered Foes” is my favorite track on the album. a great closing track, displaying intensity, dark imagery and a powerful display of vocal work. Very well executed. 9/10

Mike Koniglio-Guitar and Vocals
Frank Garcia-Guitar
Christopher Grimes-Bass
Rick Hernandez-Drums


Author: AJ Guzman

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