Jeff Martin of Blasted To Static “I wish offended people would react like fainting goats and quietly tip over.”

Headed up by the incendiary vocals of Jeff Martin (Racer X, Badlands, UFO, MSG) and fret-melting wizardry of Stu Marshall (Death Dealer, Empires of Eden), with the rhythmic talents of Rev Jones (Michael Schenker) on bass and session demigod Clay T. on drums, Blasted to Static represents an uncompromising and intense odyssey from veterans of the metal scene.

How did you first get in to music? Who turned you onto rock/metal?

I came from a family of seven, everyone listened to music or played it so I was surrounded by the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream. I started out playing to 8 tracks and cassettes that my brother had tons of stuff. I do believe “Tales of Brave Ulysses” off of Disraeli Gears from Cream was one of my first learn songs. Vocal wise I didn’t start till later. Not getting laid enough as a drummer had a lot to do with it. Later hearing Ian Gillan’s voice and of course Rob Halford made me want to be a singer but I really did love Tom Jones.

How did you become a vocalist / drummer? Are you proficient in any other instruments?

I am a huge Grand Funk Railroad / Don Brewer fan, when I heard him singing and screaming his ass off and crushing the kit at the same time that’s when I wanted to become the singing drummer. Greg Chaisson talked to me out from behind the drums later on to join Surgical Steel in Phoenix Arizona and become a full-time lead singer. My fingers just won’t work for guitar ,I have tried ,but I do play a little bass to write songs and I play harmonica then and again.

What was the local scene in Wisconsin like in the beginning, was there a particular band you aspired to be like, favorite local bands back then, favorite local bands now?

I was playing in a band called Ballzy … in playing with balls just spelled bad. I was only 14 or 15 years old playing with 21 to 25-year-old guys touring around Wisconsin. I was this skinny little ass kicking drum machine .I don’t think by today standards I was anything special but back then I was just a little mad man. I was shadowing Ginger Baker, John Bonham, Don Brewer and Mitch Mitchell ….I was this amazing little pimple face ass kicking sucker. I don’t remember any local bands I cared for other than bands that were on vinyl or 8 track.

Has there been times when drugs and alcohol were beneficial to the band.

There is one band in particular I should’ve been doing drugs just to cope but I have never been much of a drug doer, but I can drink a little bit here and there but not really to the point of out of hand.

How would you best describe your sound?


Do you think having to do ticket pre-sales is the same thing as pay to play?

I can honestly say only had to do it once on the first RacerX show, after that clubs were clamoring for us to play at their place, so I don’t know what it feels like to tell you the truth.

What was the first music you bought and what have you bought more than once?

It was on a 45 and I BELIVE it was Brown eyed girl by Van Morrison…….. and I guess you could say I did buy more than once being I’m a huge Montrose fan and Ronnie at the age of 17 is the guitarist on that track.

DIY forever or signing with a label at first opportunity?

Well with Racer X even though we were on Shrapnel, it was like DIY being there was no support other than recording or printing the album and distribution. I don’t have the savvy or pluck to do all that stuff my self these days ,would rather have a company take care of that as long as I’m not getting hosed financially …. but of course good luck with that.

Whats the biggest show you have played so far and do you still get nervous before a gig?

I would not do it if there was no nerves …. your so lit up and alive b4 a show ….. it’s the greatest feeling I know. I have played numerous out door festivals that have huge amounts of people at them so it would be hard to say.

Is commercial rock radio dead?

Every thing is so blown up buried and out of wack musically it seems every thing is dead next to how it used to be. The only thing that’s still is real and alive is a great live performance and the look in the peoples eyes that say we get it and we love.

Favorite songs on the new album and why?

I love the Hammer\ ,not only musically, but content wise as it’s about what every old rocker faces when he gets up in the morning and see another grey hair and wrinkle, it’s another nail driven in your box by The Hammer. They say death is always smiling at you …… all you can do is smile back;)

Out of all your songs which one touches you the most when you perform it?

If any it would be Empty Man or Ghost Dance….. the first dealing with the lonelyness and emptiness of depression . The second written to my parents who both loved to dance with each other. I made up a story of a heaven that is at the far reaches of are known galaxies …….one who lives in the future devices a spacecraft to go there to be with his beloved after she had died. There all who pass dance through eternity in your own heaven with each other or the one they love.I see it as a sea of glowing light like deep water plankton swirling around with each other in an embrace forever. On the last verse he finally finds her, opens the door to his space craft dies from contact with deep space and is instantly in her arms forever. Sappy I know but I nice thought and so much for the long trip to get there.

Are there any political or social issues hidden in Blasted to Static songs?

Some Religious tunes not unlike Alice Cooper who likes to show you the dark side to hopefully scare you to the light. One, Dance Devil Dance …. a clean up your act b4 it’s to late theme and the Devils Preacher ….. a fire and brimstone look at the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Who are you gonna listen to?

What was the process of putting the songs in order.

In my eyes and ears, peaks and valleys. You can only be pounded for so long until …… what I feel….. you need a sonic pallet cleaner so you can be properly pummeled on the track after . Black Sabbath were the masters of this .

What endorsements do you have and what endorsements do you still want?

No one loves an old hooker like me …. I have none now.

Bands you would love to tour with and musician or artist you would like to meet and interrogate.

Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Rival Sons

Song to be played at your funeral and 3 albums to take to your grave?

Good Night by the Beatles, Day Dream by Robin Trower live version, the lead outro leads you to the Gates of Heaven or Are There Waiting for You, All That I Want by Rival Sons. Albums to take would be Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced. Led Zeppelin – II, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Star Dust by David Bowie

Final thoughts, shout outs, dirty jokes?

I wish offended people would react like fainting goats and quietly tip over.

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