Eric “A.K.” Knutson and Michael Gilbert of Flotsam and Jetsam “Hookers and cocaine, no it all went to recording costs and our budgets for touring.”

In the video below, Eric “A.K.” Knutson & Michael Gilbert of Flotsam and Jetsam talk metal, favorite thrash songs, new Flotsam and Jetsam music, surviving the 80’s, what lead to Michael Gilbert joining the band and more with Zoran Theodorovic @ Holy Diver in Sacramento, California June 12th, 2018

On whether they able to spend record company advance money irresponsibly?

Hookers and cocaine, no it all went to recording costs and our budgets for touring. The expenses for recording were massive back then (the 80’s) a couple of 100,000 I heard that our last bill with MCA was over a million bucks, they had invested into us. I know that we’re not responsible for all of that, but that was what their investment was I don’t think they really knew what the fuck they were doing for promotions anyway. Because they were more of a poppy label at the time, We had a great A&R rep but it was really hard to get that done up the corporate ladder to sell like Metallica did, word of mouth.” Michael Gilbert

On recent royalty checks?

I got a royalty statement, came in two weeks ago, direct deposit for 40 cents. How embarrassing is that? Michael Gilbert

Flotsam and Jetsam are currently supporting Hammerfall on their 2018 North American tour. The band will release its new album, The End Of Chaos”, on November 9 via AFM Records. Remaining dates are below.

6/16/2018 The Marquee, Tempe AZ
6/18/2018 Trees, Dallas TX
6/19/2018 Rock Box, San Antonio TX
6/20/2018 Scout Bar, Houston TX

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