Two Sacramento Area All Ages Music Venues To Close

Via Cafe Colonial & The Colony owner Matthew Murrijo……

I’m not really sure how to say this and i know its going to effect a lot of people. Its not the easiest thing to do but i feel that i owe it to everyone involved…

I am sad to announce that Cafe Colonial and The Colony with be closing. After 6 years of the Colony and 5 Years of Cafe Colonial, I am no longer able to sustain keeping these venues running.

This was not an easy choice to make, this place is my home and the people here are my family. With constant change and lack of funds it has been almost impossible to make the kind of money we need to keep going. Benefit shows and patreon supporter have helped us up to this point, but it is still not enough.

We will not be cancelling any shows between now and the time we close, which will be November 17. Nor will we be booking any new shows either. I felt that all the shows that are currently booked should still happen but to cut cost so we could stay open to that time we had to stop booking new shows.

I want to thank everyone that has ever been involved, Promoter, Bands and members, show goers, and gamers. You guys made it all possible for us to stay open this long and I am truly greatful for all of you. Together we created a place for everyone to preform and show their talents.

I know a lot of people will probably be thinking that i should sell, but there is nothing to sell. The closing date goes hand in hand with expiring permits. And i wish to keep the brand in tact.

Im not sure what the future will bring, but i know that there are people out there that will step up and open the next great diy spot. And as long as there is live music happening there will be venues to fill that gap. Even if it happens in someones living room. The music scene will shine on.

I love all of you

Thank You Sacramento

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