BillyBio of Biohazard to release debut solo album, Feed The Fire

Los Angeles, CA – Revered and influential hardcore/thrash guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei, AKA BillyBio, of groundbreaking bands Biohazard and Powerflo, will release his debut solo album, Feed The Fire, with AFM Records on November 30th.
Today, Billy has debuted a video for an explosive new single, “Freedom’s Never Free,” which can be viewed at the link below. The single will be available as a limited edition 7” vinyl record released by Bridge 9 Records.
Commenting on the new single, Billy says, “”Feed the Fire” is a credo I’ve always lived by and a message for my children, the youth to follow. I believe in anything that does me good or benefits all that I love in humankind! The song gets right to the point and just kicks your ass!”
Following a monumental career as founder/guitarist/vocalist for the legendary hardcore-thrash band Biohazard and founding guitarist for critically praised metal band Powerflo, Billy will release his long-awaited and highly anticipated first ever solo record Feed The Fire.
Unfiltered and incendiary, Feed The Fire is an adrenaline rush of hardcore-thrash at its purest form. The relentless sonic attack features 13 unwavering tracks that conjure early Biohazard nostalgia while sounding nevermore fresh. Billy’s unabashed lyrics speak his truth as he leaves it all on the record unabashed and ready to whip the pit into a furious cyclone.
Billy adds, “We live in a chaotic world the becomes more insane each day! In that turmoil, the world is spiraling out of control while those in power continue with their agenda. We as society are preoccupied with fighting amongst ourselves, different political parties, different social values, and an overall disrespect for each other as one people. I wanted to convey that chaos and self-destructive path our world is on with Feed the Fire! I respect those who stand and fight for those who can’t.” 

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