SOEN Premieres “Martyrs” Video From Swedish Progressive Metal Unit “Lotus”

Swedish progressive metal unit SOEN is pleased to unveil their new video, “Martyrs,” which can be seen below. The tune comes by way of the band’s forthcoming studio album Lotus. Set for release via Silver Lining Music on February 1st, 2019, the nine songs comprising Lotus are intoxicating, addictive aural therapies, questioning much of today’s darkness while juxtaposing them with moments of great escape and hope.

Driven by the contrast of different moods, and fuelled by vocalist Joel Ekelöf’s powerful vocals, sustained by heavy, progressive, and frantic riffs and, ultimately, bonded by the sturdy and cohesive rhythmic section, “Martyrs” is the perfect way to showcase the whole record in one song. The video fiercely depicts an uncensored portrait of contemporary society, underlining the concept behind both the lyrics and the whole album.

Ekelöf notes: “The video and the song reflects the importance to stand up for yourself and not be trapped in other peoples’ expectations of you. People are going to try to push you down and they want you to conform to the prevailing ideals, but as long as you follow your own path, you are never wrong.”

In a world filled with brutality, stigma, and indifference, there is still hope, because, as Ekelöf sings, “we are the ashes and the seeds.”

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