JON ROBERT QUINN of ANARCHY LACE – “I am a great guitarist and that’s not ego speaking”!

Jon Robert Quinn started writing and producing music at the age of 14. After releasing his first album at 17, he knew music and entertainment would be the path of his life. Today, Jon Robert Quinn has released over a dozen solo albums, is the guitarist in Anarchy Lace, hosts over a dozen talk shows, is a best-selling author and is regarded by many as a rising star.

How did you first get into music, was it through TV, radio or parents?

I was 14 years old and skateboarding one day in Monterey, California and
came across a couple guys skating. We went into his garage, they grabbed
guitars and started playing. It was the coolest thing. That night, we
ran up to the store and he shows me G3 Live with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani
and Eric Johnson. He was a huge Vai fan. I was more interested in Joe
Satriani. I went home, grabbed my moms acoustic and started making
noises with it. One night of guitar turned into a month, into a year and
into a career. It wasn’t until I was about 35 that I realized I had a
special talent. I was in Los Angeles in January 2018 and Joe Satriani of
all people walked up to me and congratulated me on my career and told me
to keep going. In April 2018, I sat down with Joe’s producer John
Cuniberti to work on a record and after careful consideration, I didn’t
want a Joe sounding album, I wanted to keep my sound and feel and
decided to self produce like I had for decades prior.

Who or what turned you onto rock n roll?

When I think of Rock n Roll, the first band that comes to mind is
Metallica. They really are the Kings of Rock in my opinion. After
picking up guitar, I started exploring. I was working with the producer
of Papa Roach’s first EP, way before Dreamworks came into the equation.
This was around 1996 or 1997. I started buying everything Metallica that
I could and would spend hours and hours learning riffs and playing lead
parts. This was when I really started getting a feel for where my future
would go.

You recently joined Anarchy Lace, how did that come about? What kind
of changes can the fans expect in Anarchy Lace now that you are on

I have known James for decades. He was in Bypassing Oblivion and I was
performing solo as an instrumental guitarist and we were both playing
the same shitty clubs. We just kept in touch over the years and always
talked about doing a project but things never lined up really. It wasn’t
until I saw an ad online that they needed a lead guitarist and I think
my text was something like, “Fucker, why didn’t you call me?” He figured
I would be too busy to make that kind of commitment. I was tired and
burnt out on the music business as a solo artist and really needed a
fresh start and this gave it to me. What to expect? I bought all new
gear for the project. Two Les Paul Customs that I have full rewired, new
pick ups, and modified. Two Marshall half stacks. And I am really
focused on adding a new dimension to the band. James has created
something special here with Anarchy Lace. Love them or hate them, they
have always been the underdog, yet they are playing the best clubs and
opening for the best bands and why is this? Because they work hard and
are just good people. The band has needed a really clean guitarist and I
feel I am adding that dimension to the band. I am calling it Slashriani.
I am adding the feel of Satriani with an element of Slash. Come out to a
show, you’ll see what I mean.

What is the plan for recording new music, where, when and with who will be recording you?

I am currently working on a new solo album called KING. It’s kind of all
over the place right now. It’s bluesy. There’s a lot of piano in it, and
I am not sure whether I want drums at all on the album. I am thinking it
will more showcase my artistic skill more than my technical skill. We
shall see.

Who are your original influences and who are your current inspirations
local and or international?

Joe Satriani, John Mayer, Frank Sinatra I would have to say are my main
inspiration. I like the old fashioned feel of Sinatra and try to add a
vintage feel to my music. John Mayer is the new Clapton and is the best
song writer in the world today. And Satriani is well, Satriani. Having
met him several times, working with his team and touring as a Satriani
tribute, I know his music and what goes into it. He’s hands down the
best living guitarist in the world.

What was your first concert and what was the first music you bought
with your own money?

My first concert was Kenny Wayne Sheppard and I left. Wasn’t impressed. I
went and Satriani in 2004 at a Tower Records for an in-store performance
and was playing some maybe 4 feet from me. His grace and fluidity in his
playing really made me think about where I needed to take my skill
level. Last year I saw John Mayer twice in concert and that was also
exceptional. If you’re not familiar, go watch his Trio show. It’s

Give us a run down on the gear you have brought to Anarchy Lace?

Two Gibson Les Paul Customs that are fully modified. Two Marshall Half
Stacks. I am used to using a ton of pedals and processors and with this
project, I really wanted to keep things clean. Nothing on the floor. I
want exactly what I have now and nothing more.

What music takes you back and where does it take you? Has music at all
been therapeutic for you, is there a particular artist or type of
music you go to for comfort?

When I’m having a really shitty day, I will listen to Jewel. I know it
sounds corny, but I’m a 90s kid and it takes me back to the good ol’ days
where I didn’t have a care in the world. It’s really hard to listen to
Satriani music for comfort because then I am hearing something and
thinking, how can I replicate that or play that? Now it becomes work and
I do enough of that already.

Do you still buy cd’s and records or mostly use streaming sites? Which
sites do you use?

Only iTunes. I am married to a Russian so a lot of music I listen to
today is Timati, Egor Kreed, Terry, Nazima, Mot, etc. There is something
very interesting about music from other cultures, especially pop music.
Again, if you’re unfamiliar, check it out.

Top 5 albums or songs released in the last 12 months?

Sheesh I have no idea… How about top 5 albums of all time? In no
particular order…
Incubus Morning View
Audioslave, (the first one)
Metallica And Justice for All
Joe Satriani Crystal Planet
Green Day American Idiot

You’re on a desert island and only have three albums to listen to
for the rest of your life, what are they and why?

Joe Satriani Crystal Planet
Frank SInatra #1 Hits
Metallica Ride the Lightning

Why? Why Not?

What does rock n roll mean to you?

Rock music is who I am. Just turning on Girls Girls Girls on a long
drive and playing on repeat, makes your heart beat faster. It makes you
dream. How about System of a Down? Turn that up to 8 and drive under 80.
Good luck. When you’re a bad boy or a rebel or whatever you call
yourself, rock music is your anthem.

And whats on the horizon for you and Anarchy Lace?

Ask James that question. He’s the man in charge. I’m just the guitar
player. I will say that we are playing a lot of shows and adding a lot
of new elements to the show. I am a great guitarist and that’s not ego
speaking and I have been known for decades now for my ability on guitar
from crossing hands, tapping and getting a little crazy on stage. A lot
of that is going to come out in these shows. You’ll have see wait and see
but we have a lot of momentum and with my resources in radio and
entertainment, we have the means of taking this project further than
ever before.

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