ENFORCER – Unleash Lyric Video For “Searching For You”

In three weeks, on April 26, 2019, Swedish metallers ENFORCER will release their forthcoming studio album Zenith via Nuclear Blast. Today the band have unleashed another track off their new record, which will be released in English as well as in Spanish. Check out the breakneck-paced track “Searching For You” below.Vocalist/guitarist Olof Wikstrand states: “Here’s something for you speed maniacs. Bang your heads!”

Zenith – Track Listing:

  1. Die For The Devil
  2. Zenith Of The Black Sun
  3. Searching For You
  4. Regrets
  5. The End Of A Universe
  6. Sail On
  7. One Thousand Years Of Darkness
  8. Thunder And Hell
  9. Forever We Worship The Dark
  10. Ode To Death
    Bonus Track (DIGI only!)
  11. To Another World

Zenith (Spanish Version) – Track Listing:
01. Muere Por El Diablo
02. Zenith Del Sol Negro
03. Voy A Encontrarte
04. Ecos
05. El Fin De Un Universo
06. Navego
07. Mil Años En Las Sombras
08. Rendido Al Trueno Infernal
09. Por Siempre Seguimos La Oscuridad
10. Oda A La Muerte

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