The Northmen – “We generally don’t let reviews of music or food be the judge of what we like”.

Formed in the winter of 2015, The Northmen is a metal/hard rock quartet with a mind to conquer like those of their namesake. With a combination of heart pounding drums, dual guitar harmonies, aggressive riffs, and a healthy nod to the guitar solo- The Northmen set out to achieve one thing; a unique, original sound with relentless energy.

How did you first get into music, who or what turned you on to heavy metal?

Metallica got a lot of us into heavy metal music. Slash had a big influence on our guitarist Alix and Jeremy got Matt and Brendan into music at a young age. We had no idea his skill level at guitar. We thought he was at a beginners level like us but once he started playing eruption on the guitar we both needed to learn music.

Who was your first rock concert, do you have a vivid recollection of it and have your parents always approved?

Jeremy, Brendan and Matt’s first real rock concert was when we traveled to Tennessee for Bonnaroo to see Metallica with Matt’s dad and friends. Alix’s first concert was seeing Avenged Sevenfold. All of our parents have approved.

What was the first music bought with your own money?

Metallica, Creed and Guns N’ Roses Albums

Who are your main influences?

James Hetfield, Slash, Scott Stapp The Rev, Miles Kennedy

Do you read reviews of music and food and if so how often do they influence what you buy or where you eat?

We generally don’t let reviews of music or food be the judge of what we like.

How much has the local scene changed since you started playing in bands?

Our local scene is great. There is so much talent here in Watertown, NY. There has been a lot more original music since we first started playing.

What’s the best show you have played so far with The Northmen and why?

We would say opening up for Bret Michaels at the Watertown, Municipal Ice Arena. It was our first arena show.

What kind of gear is bringing us The Northmen sound?

Pearl masters drum kit with Sabian cymbals,Jackson bass guitar with a TC electronic combo amp.
2 Epiphone Les Paul customs, and a Marshall jvm 410 head with 2 custom Marshall 2 x 12 cabs, Gibson Flying V, Brent Hindes Epiphone Flying V. Epiphone Les Paul custom. Ibanez Destroyer. Mesa Boogie triple rectifier. Kemper Profiler. Custom Marshall jcm 800 with 4×12 vintage 30 speakers

Who living or dead is in your dream 5 piece super group with you?

These will be all people that passed. Freddy Mercury, The rev, Cliff Burton, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Randy Rhodes

What have you been listening to and reading?

Metallica,Trivium, Six AM, Creed, Alterbridge, Nothing More

What album epitomizes your style of music over all others?

Another very hard questions to answer since our style is mixed with multiple influences. Some similar albums would be
Metallica- the black album and Avenged sevenfold- city of evil

Top 5 albums or songs released in the last 12 months and all time?

Metallica- spit out the bone
Nothing more- fade in/fade out
Alter bridge- blackbird
Avenged Sevenfold- a little piece of heaven
Creed- bullets

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