SLIPKNOTS’s Corey Taylor calls “All Hope Is Gone” “A f*cking abysmal experience”.

In a recent interview with Overdrive, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor talked about the upcoming album “We are Not Your Kind” & whether it’s a new start to the band. The singer replied:

Well, I’ve never really thought about it in that way, but yes, I guess it is, in a way. I feel like this is our first proper album in a long while.

“[2014’s] ‘.5’ was a really difficult album to make because we were under the shadow of a lot of things. Not least of which, we were all trying to get out our feelings about having lost Paul [Grey in 2010] and that was the first opportunity we had to do that, so there was some pain involved there for sure.

“Then there was [2008’s] ‘All Hope Is Gone’ which, in my opinion, was such a fucking abysmal experience for a lot of people, that… even though that album has some of our strongest songs on it, ironically, it was just… I think it was just soured by then due to what was going on at the time.

“Trust me, I worked my fcking as off to make that thing listenable. It was tough. Fcking hard! So, I think in a way, yeah, this new album is kind of a reboot of sorts. Almost like wiping the stains from glass, so we can finally see through the sht.

“For me, I really enjoyed working on this album and I know that everybody felt that way. It was really great to be able to create in that way again and you can really hear it in the way that we took so many f*cking chances but you know it’s still us.

“It’s still Slipknot. That’s what I’m really proud of on this album and it’s also one of the reasons I back ‘Vol. 3’ so much even though I didn’t enjoy making that album because of the ‘production’ of Rick Rubin.


“If it wasn’t for ‘Vol. 3,’ we wouldn’t have been really able to cross over, and bust through those expectations that other people were putting to us. And I think that’s what this album is gonna do also.” via Metal Wani

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