UNLEASH THE ARCHERS Release New Single and Official Video

Having just announced the release of their upcoming EP, Explorers, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS top up this week’s news by dropping their new single, “Northwest Passage”. The original song was written and performed by Canadian musician Stan Rogers, but even though the song has been covered by several bands in the past, no one does it like UNLEASH THE ARCHERS.

Clear vocal passages, beautiful harmonies and heavy riffs give “Northwest Passage”the UNLEASH THE ARCHERS stamp.
At first glance, the video seems to show the difficulties of life in a band: the rigors of touring, missing your family, the endless hours in the studio, sometimes it might even feel as if you’re slowly losing your mind, but in the end, the part of you that wants to keep making music, keep touring, keep making your fans happy, is always the part that prevails. Watch the beautifully shot video for “Northwest Passage” below!
Watch The Official Video Of “Northwest Passage” below.

UNLEASH THE ARCHERS on the video for “Northwest Passage”:
Stan Rogers, who wrote and recorded the original, imagined that in another life he himself may have been an explorer, braving the unknown to satisfy a deep-seated need for danger and excitement. We took his words and put a bit of a sci-fi spin on them… What if in another life UTA had never existed? What if the band had different members? What would change if we were just friends and never bandmates? What if those timelines converged?… What follows is a video of infinite possibilities, infinite universes smashing into one another and battling for prominence. Which timeline is true? Which UTA will win? Is it the UTA you know and love, or perhaps something a bit more sinister? You’ll have to watch and find out! ”

Explorers will be available in the following formats:
· 7″ Vinyl Single Black – strictly limited to 300 issues
· 7″ Vinyl Single Silver – strictly limited to 100 issues
· 7″ Vinyl Single White – strictly limited to 100 issues
· Digital EP

Pre-Order the new EP Explorers HERE!

In addition, it was just announced that UNLEASH THE ARCHERS will take part in the Full Metal Cruise 2020, which starts in Kiel, Germany, on 23rd September 2020, alongside Sonata Arctica and label colleagues Legion Of The Damned – don’t miss it!

Brittney Slayes – clean vocals
Scott Buchanan – drums
Grant Truesdell – guitar, unclean vocals
Andrew Kingsley – guitar, unclean vocals

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