KING SATAN release new single FUCK YOGA!!

Finnish industrial metal / aggrotech act KING SATAN has announced the release date for their second album I WANT YOU TO WORSHIP SATAN and it’s 22nd of November 2019.

They also have released second single and music video from the upcoming album called FUCK YOGA. Check the music video “Fuck Yoga” below.

King Aleister Satan comments on the new single:
”Fuck Yoga” (pun intended) is how we you combine industrial metal, hard rock and dance music! And despite its timeless allegory theme-wise it seem to fit to the current zeitgeist as well! Being also the director of the music video, I can say that caricaturized song required of course caricaturized music video, and I wanted to exploit colors the old school way and offer sort of 70’s influenced psychedelic atmosphere where sort of comic book imagery flirts with real live footage! Our aphrodisiac is nothing but chaos!”

King Satan
I Want You To Worship Satan

  1. The Killing Of God
  2. Fuck Yoga
  3. Psychosadomasochism
  4. I Want You To Worship Satan
  5. All Magick Is Chaos Magick
  6. Fuck The World
  7. The Antichristification
  8. Circus of the Mind
  9. Transgression
  10. Raison d’Etre
  11. The Portrait Of Darkness

RELEASE DATE: November 22nd 2019

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