Alt-Metal trio VEIO release new single “Flare of Defiance”

Portland Alt-Metal trio Veio have just released the new single and video for “Flare of Defiance”, the first single from their forthcoming Spring 2020 album Vitruvian on Silent Majority Group.

“Flare of Defiance” has already garnered a Top 10 Metal single (Metal Contraband) and are set to release “Flare of Defiance” to Active Rock radio in October.  The video can be seen below.

“This song encompasses the desire of rebellion and uprising in the human heart in a variety of conditions.  As people, we are prone to defying acts and conditions of authority whether placed upon ourselves or others.  In certain instances throughout our history as human beings and specifically as Americans, we have risen to the occasion of disobedience in the heat of dire moments…in essence, flaring in defiance.” – Cam Byrd (lead singer, guitarist, songwriter)

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