SCARLETH Unleashes Video for New Single “Feel the Heat”

Ukrainian modern melodic metal band SCARLETH has unleashed the new single and video for “Feel the Heat” from their third album, Vortex, out November 15 via Rockshots Records. Watch “Feel the Heat” below.

Playing music that combines modern heaviness and diverse melodicism, SCARLETH has taken part in a variety of festivals and has played several hundreds of live shows. They have released two full-length albums worldwide, Break the Silence (2011) and The Silver Lining (2015). The band’s style is constantly

evolving and represents mind-blowing mixture of many melodic genres – from power, folk, doom and gothic metal to modern/progressive metal. Within Temptation’s Ruud Jolie recorded a guitar solo on the track “Pain Is My Name,” while the artwork was created by the renowned digital artist Gustavo Sazes.

Says guitarist Victor Morozov, “It is our best work so far. The new songs are catchy and easy to remember. I think this album will not leave anyone indifferent. It has so much energy to it so you just can’t ignore what you will hear. Trust me!”


Vortex tracklisting:

“Feel The Heat”
“No Return”
“Be What You Are”
“No More Letters”
“Guardian Angel”
“Escape From Your Embrace”
“Остання Зоря”
“Pain Is My Name”
“Final Curtain”
“Break The Chains

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