Concert Photo Review: THE 69 EYES, WEDNESDAY 13, SUMO CYCO and THE CROWNED @ The Bottom Of The Hill – San Francisco, California

First up was metal band The Crowned from San Antonio TX. As the four man band enter the stage, the first thing I notice was the really sharp white suit the drummer which is also the vocalist was wearing, while one of the guitarist had on a bad ass Pantera tank top. Right from the start, the Texan band had no trouble winning over the crowd with their sick melodic riffs and Marc Coronado, excellent work on multi-tasking on drums and vocals which is not an easy task.

These guys knew exactly what the crowd wanted and that was Sandy, who is Sandy? Sandy was the inflatable sex doll the Texan band threw to the crowd along with what I thought was balloons until one hit me on the head and It was when I grabbed it with my hand I noticed this my friends was no ordinary balloon, this was an inflated condom, while all this condom balloon mayhem was happening, they managed to get the crowd to chant ” Nobody fucks you like I fuck you” as they performed the song “Nobody”.

The Crowned is:

Marc Coronado – Vocals & Drums
Johnny Damien – Bass
Anthony Carrillo – Lead Guitar
Jesse Rodriguez – Guitar
Their album ” Apparition” is out now, purchase here.

Second was Canadian female fronted rock band Sumo Cyco of Toronto. This four piece band knew how to keep the crowd energy going, but brought it up a notch with a cover song of System of a Down named B.Y.O.B. I had trouble keeping up with this bands energy, specially vocalist Sever (Skye Alexandra Sweetnam), she had so much energy and she was all over the place, from the stage she jumped down into the middle of the crowd to getting up the bar counter, takin a shot of whiskey and singing from there to getting a piggy back ride back to the stage, meanwhile this mayhem was happening on the floor, at the stage the rest of the band was also hard at work keeping the crowd also entertained with some sick guitar riffs and Matt Trozzi being a beast on drums. The band was launched in March 2011, has won multiple music awards in Canada, and has released two albums “Lost in Cyco City” in 2014 and “Opus Mar” 2017 and their third album is currently in the works so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

It was now 10pm on a Thursday night of the packed San Francisco Bottom of the Hill. Hollywood gothic rock band Wednesday 13 made their way up the dark stage, a few moments later bright purple lights then blue then green lights hit the stage and the crowd as the band opened their set of the night with the song Necrophaze of their newest album (titled Necrophaze as well) followed by another new song “Zodiac”. Wednesday 13 (vocalist) looked like a ghoul while Jack Tankersley (guitars),Troy Doebbler (bassist) and Kyle Castronovo (drums) had white face paint that made them look like vampires while Roman Surman ( guitars) had half his face painted which kind of reminded me of phantom of the opera.

During the course of their set the performed a mix of new and old songs for example “I Want You…Dead” from their Transylvania 90210 album to “Scream Baby Scream from their album Skeletons to much newer songs like “Serpent Society” of their Monsters of the Universe: Come Out and Plague album. Vocalist Wednesday 13 came on stage with different outfits and masks, for example during one song he would be wearing a ski mask while holding a big kitchen knife then he would switch it up to wearing a face mask backwards like looked pretty freaky, to the next moment he would be wearing a hooded cloak with a mask with horns while carrying a pitch fork with lights on the handle.

Wednesday 13 are:

Wednesday 13 – vocals
Roman Surman – guitar
Jack Tankersley – guitar
Troy Doebbler – bass
Kyle Castronovo – drums

Set list played on 2/6/2020

1) Necrophaze
2) Zodiac
3) I want you dead
4) Scream baby scream
5) Serpent Society
6) Prey for me
7) Decompose
8) What the night brings
9) Keep watching

New album: Necrophaze is out now! Purchase here.

It was a little past 11pm and finally the Finnish Goth’N’Roll band made their way up stage, the 5 man Goth rock band wore a very cool black leather attire that had a skeleton torso painted on their chest, the lead singer Jerki 69 and Timo-Timo (guitarist) attire also included sun glasses making them look pretty badass if I say so myself, while Jussi 69 (drums) was shirtless. They opened their set with the very catchy song “Two Horns Up” that has some killer guitar riffs, it also happens to be the first track of their new album West End (12th album) which also features Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) doing vocals in their album version.

Now that they had the crowd fired up, next they performed the song “Never Say Die” from their 8th album titled Angels. The song was a little more slow but nonetheless just as good as the first song and with a very catchy chorus as well:
“Never say die, Leave me alone in the night,
Keep me away from the light, Razor blade cuts the line,
Never say, never say die”

During the course of their set, they performed fan favorite hits like Perfect Skin and Betty Blue and also Dance D ‘Amour which is sang in English and French and happens to be my favorite song of the band so you can imagine how excited I was. Here is a small example of the opening lyrics of Dance D ‘Amour:

“Your lips shine like Paris, Mon amour
À toi toujours, Ma chérie
But your tears bring a little London for me
Berlin can never be so cold as you reach”

and the chorus:

“Baby, won’t you dance with me into the night
To the serious moonlight
Brighter than the stars above you shine
And the loving feels alright”

You knew the show was coming to an end when Finnish band started playing the song ” Lost Boys” of their album titled “Devils”, during the end of the song, I noticed some of the fan girls in the front row singing a long while waving their glasses filled with beer back and forth and one of the girls had tears in her eyes because she knew the show was over. The 69 Eyes performance was spectacular and sounded even better live, it’s no wonder why they are so huge in their home country of Finland and in western Europe and are a multi-platinum selling Finnish rock band.

The 69 Eyes are:

Jyrki 69 – Vocals
Bazie – Guitar
Timo-Timo – Guitar
Archzie – Bass
Jussi 69 – Drums

Set list of songs played at The Bottom of the Hill San Francisco 2/6/2020

1) Two Horns Up
2) Never Say Die
3) Black Orchid
4) Perfect Skin
5) Betty Blue
6) Borderline
7) Hell Has No Mercy
8) Crashing High
9) The Chair
10) Cheyenna
11) Wasting The Dawn
12) 27 & Done
13) Feel Berlin
14) Brandon Lee
15) Framed In Blood
16) Dance D ‘Amour
17) Lost Boys

Their new album West End is out now! Purchase here.

Remaing United States Tour dates with The Crowned, Wednesday 13 and Sumo Cyco below.

February 9 Mesa, AZ @Club Red/Red Owl
February 11 Dallas, TX @Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
February 12 Jefferson, LA @Southport Hall
February 14 Orlando, FL @Soundbar

Pictures and review by Alex Macias. Please visit Alex @ his website for more stunning images.

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