New Music Video From Sacramento’s Post-Hardcore Collective HORSENECK

Post-hardcore/sludge collective HORSENECK is pleased to unveil the official new video for “Matt Lauer’s Secret Button.” Currently playing at below, the track comes off the band’s Fever Dream full-length, self-released late last month.

Note guitarist Anthony Paganelli of the clip, “The ‘Matt Lauer’s Secret Button’ video was filmed and edited by Carlos Almanza. The song was written pretty fast. We wrote the riff and outline for the songs in a couple hours. [Drummer] Jess [Gowrie] had an idea for lyrics and vocals so she wrote the lyrics to this song in basically one night. We all definitely feel like this is one of our harder headbangers. Lyrically, it’s about someone who leaves a path of careless destruction and pays for it in the end. Then there is the realization that you don’t always get a second chance, then the bad person is atoning for their sins in the end… someone who’s made some terrible life choices and has reached the end of their life and looks back in regret. The name of the song was something that we saw on the news, obviously.
We decided to make this a performance video rather than a story line video. Keep it simple. We wanted the video to reflect the tone of the song. Carlos did an amazing job of capturing the power of the song with his shots and the frame speeds he would choose. We love the slow-motion power hits, the visuals, and the lighting he decided to use. This was our first time working with Carlos and we instantly had a connection. Our visions lined up with ease. We use visuals a lot when we play live so he really wanted to use that in the video. He made all the visuals himself for this video as well. He killed it. We loved him so much we decided to shoot another video with him later this month.”

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