Chicago Death Metal veterans DISINTER announce new release.

Chicago based Death Metal veterans DISINTER are back on track and announcing their upcoming release, Demolition Red, to be out on CD and digital format via Pest Records (a Loud Rage Music chapter) later this yearAs preview for Demolition Red, band’s lyric video for the track Demolition of the Mind is steaming below. Here’s what Michael “Mike” LeGros had to say about this: “Inked in blood, on parchment made from ground bone: Disinter and Pest Records, now bound by blood, in an Unholy Alliance. We are excited to announce that we are working with Pest Records, in conjunction with the release of Demolition Red, definitely keeping the underground, UNDERGROUND(!), we knew Adrian and Pest Records was the best choice for us.” Brought into existence in 1990, DISINTER can be described as old school Thrash Speed Metal with 90’s Death Grind and Blackened Metal influences. With lyrical topics such as the occult, zombification, demons, wizards and warlocks, religious beliefs, pain and suffering. Pent in hell, these maestro’s of misery have truly created sonic soundscapes of torture, death, and terror!

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