11 Questions With French Psychedelic Electronic Rockers Carré

Since releasing their debut single “This is Not a Band” on March 27, the LA based French trio Carré have the media drawing comparisons to the edgy dark electronic rockers Cold Cave and Nitzer Ebb and dance floor favorites Factory Floor, Chemical Brothers and Soulwax, and rightfully so.  With live instrumentation, featuring two drummers, they blend aggressive, dark and chaotic elements with hypnotic drum loops inspired by the psychedelic, electronic French touch.

How did you first get into music, who or what turned you on to rock n roll?

We all started pretty young from different backgrounds but with similar intentions. I think the call of the unknown and a good excuse to forge your own reality would be the start of it all. Rock n roll was probably just waiting on the corner to carry that rage and trigger the eagerness.

What was the first music bought with your own money and how did you acquire your first instrument? What is your most prized music collectible?

I think a couple of us can respond to that one. Personally, my first couple tapes I acquired were Michael Jackson “Bad” and AC/DC “Highway to Hell”. First instrument was a classical guitar when I was 8 because I suddenly decided to play music and later on I did some odd summer jobs to buy myself an electric guitar. I’ve been collecting guitars so I have a few that are very special and sentimental to me.

Do you read reviews of music, film and food and if so how often do they influence what you buy, watch or where you eat?

I used to but kinda decreased on that aspect in the past few years. Less time I guess and trying to not get influenced in the sense of altered as much. Once you forge your own path you gotta stay focused, not that reading articles is distracting but I have less of a necessity of it now.

What have you been listening to lately and reading?

I’m reading a book from a Czech author right now called “The unbearable lightness of being” exploring the “eternal return” of Nietzche. As of music, I’ve been diving back into Miles Davis a lot lately. As “new” bands, Suuns and Beak have been noticeable influences for us in the past year or 2.

What songs by other artists do you know and have you learned entire albums by your heroes?

We all played covers at times so had to learn a lot of different tunes. “Melody Nelson” by Serge Gainsbourg, “Revolver” by The Beatles and maybe a Dead Kennedys records would be probably it for me as far as learning entire albums.

How did you become singers, bassists, guitarist’s and drummers and who are your main influences?

I believe, without sounding cheesy, that music chooses you. Art chooses you. You’re only a vector of a creative energy. So it happened pretty early on then it’s only your choice to bear with it or let it go. We’re all stuck with it by now I guess. Influences are vast, from early Rock N Roll that gives you that awakening, to Soul music and Jazz for a more refined after touch to Alternative and Industrial Rock throughout Punk music without forgetting Electronic which is a massive part of our French culture.

What have you been doing to pass time during Quarantine?

Making music. We finished up little details for our upcoming EP, then mainly making new songs for future releases and starting to put our live set together because we haven’t performed our music yet.

Does it bother you to hear artists express their opinions on subjects outside of music, such as, politics and do you like their art any less if you disagree with them?

I don’t. We live in a supposedly freedom of speech era so everyone should be welcome to express the views as long as it’s not hurting other parties. Every artist should have a position whether it’s concrete or not, assumed or not but art is a perception of life therefore you deliver an opinion of what you see out there.

What do you like best about and hate most about social media?

I love the accessibility to anything by anyone at anytime. But I hate the saturation of the media by meaningless art or superficial behaviours.

What advice do you have for people in isolation during this time?

Stay strong, be positive, create, pick a craft, be curious and courageous and most important stay honest.

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