Hideous Divinity Release Live Studio Video of “Bent Until Fracture”

Italian death metal frontrunners HIDEOUS DIVINITY release a live studio video of “Bent Until Fracture“. The track is off their most recent album, Simulacrum, which was released in November 2019 via Century Media Records. Watch the video below.

It sure feels great to be back at our rehearsal space. Although some adjustments were required. The Covid b**ch is still out there. We’re optimistic but not careless. 
That’s why you’ll see Enrico H singing alone in our new video: extreme metal singing may set a new record for droplet travel distance… Add that to the fact Enrico is a professional doctor, who visits patients on a daily basis, and you’ll have the full picture.
Join us during our “socially responsible” rehearsal time and PLEASE, stay safe and alert. 
Do not forget this is not over yet,” states HIDEOUS DIVINITY about the release.


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