DEAD LORD vocalist/guitarist Hakim Krim – “No band names are good until the band is good”

Stockholm rock ‘n’ roll band Dead Lord (sounds like Thin Lizzy and early ZZ Top) are gearing up to release their new album Surrender on September 4th

Rocking on all cylinders, wild and free, Dead Lord have brought the furious talent of their music-craft and the promise of their songwriting to the fore with their new album Surrender. Dead Lord’s fourth record, after the breakout Goodbye Repentance 2013, the follow up Heads Held High 2015 and their breakthrough album In Ignorance We Trust 2017, Surrender was conceived, written and performed by Hakim Krim on lead, heart-wrenching vocals and screaming electric guitar; Martin Nordin on mid-range-madness-guitar and angelic backing vocals; and Adam Lindmark on the mayhem-like pandemonic expression of animal instinct that are the drums. The thunderous low-range groove-duty of the electric bass guitar was shared between Mr. Krim and Mr. Nordin for ultimate rockage. The newly suped-up configuration of Dead Lord, joined by Ryan Kemp on live bass, has opened up a new sonic highway, picking up the pace and revving their songs to greater heights than ever before.

In the video below lead vocalist/guitarist Hakim Krim talks traveling the United States with The Hellacopters, how and why the band name was chosen, main influences, how different communities nurture different music scenes, the importance of artists using their platform to speak out against injustice and more with The Mighty Zee.

How often do you write something that sounds like an influence but use it anyway?

The trick to using things that is like way like you know i would i would say borrowed from someone else is to borrow things from a different genre so you can like you can nick things off of soul tunes as much as you want because no one will ever know, if they’re only into rocking metal. On this album i actually tried to see how far we could take it so on the song uh uh “Evil Always Wins” there’s actually the t and AC/DC’s “TNT” verse riff mixed with like random KISS licks
to, to make like the and we gotten away with it. I mean, hopefully people understand that it’s like, it’s done with love, it’s done with like as an homage. It’s not done to to be like sneaky and like oh we ran out of ideas, it’s not like that it’s more like showing people like this is where we come from and this is how you could make it happen.

Does the world still look to America for leadership and do you think artists should speak up about social
issues or be quiet and just rock?

I think that being in a position, where people hear your voice as a like artists are you have a responsibility to to actually
speak out, um and also you know depending on time, where the times like they are now, where America is plummeting into fascism,
it’s more important than ever, to touch upon those issues and talk you know uh because it’s dangerous like uh being able to to travel around and play
rock music requires a certain peace and freedom in the world and when you start taking that for granted uh that’s when it’s uh that that’s when it starts to crumble uh
so i would say that an artist would shoot himself in the foot if he didn’t speak up against you know injustices and you know uh supports it would support freedom of you know creativity and freedom of speech and those sorts of things but then you know politics are you we all have different opinions and you could take a stand and lose maybe fans and you could like whatever and those issues aren’t that important what i think is really important for an artist is to like defend
democracy and defend freedom because without that you won’t be able to write songs about whatever you want freedom of speech is a that’s a pillar of democracy that’s where you you have to have that sort of thing so yes offend people let people be offended because freedom of speech is much more important than anyone crying because they feel sad.

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