Spirit Adrift Premiere ‘Supernaut’ From “Vol. 4 [Redux]”

SPIRIT ADRIFT premiere ‘Supernaut’ as the first track from the forthcoming MER Redux series installment “Vol. 4 [Redux]”. More information about the record can be found below.

SPIRIT ADRIFT founder Nate Garrett shares his thoughts on Black Sabbath and “Vol. 4”: “Black Sabbath is the reason that I am in a band”, declares the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. “They are my favorite band, and I love every era. I saw the video for ‘Paranoid’ when I was about 12 years old, and it was game over. ‘Vol. 4’ in particular contains quite a few of my favorite moments from the Sabbath catalogue. Many of my tried and true approaches to guitars were inspired by songs on ‘Vol. 4’. The music is classic, but still fresh and groundbreaking all these years later.

1. THOU – Wheels of Confusion
2. THE OBSESSED – Tomorrow’s Dream
3. HIGH REEPER – Changes
5. SPIRIT ADRIFT – Supernaut
6. GREEN LUNG – Snowblind
7. WHORES – Cornucopia
8. TONY REED – Laguna Sunrise
9. HAUNT – St. Vitus Dance
10. ZAKK SABBATH – Under the Sun

Presale link here.

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