Saul “Rise As Equals” (Spinefarm Records)

Awesome! – ‘Rise As Equals’ is everything I was hoping to get from a Saul album! – A high-quality hard rock release with heavy hitting songs like “Brother”, “Trial by Fire” and “King of Misery” already getting plenty of airtime on stations like SXMOctane.

If you’re looking for a great hard rock album from these rising stars, then this album is just what you need. Saul has captured that perfect balance of the Hard Rock sound. Saul has even taken the opportunity to balance out their release of ‘Rise As Equals’ with a ballad like ‘Levee’, giving it a perfect offset to even heavier tracks like “Sticks and Stones”. This album certainly covered all the bases for me. If Saul can keep up this momentum, they are headed for industry greatness, if they’re not already there. – Sean Varvel

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