MELVINS – To Release New Album In February

The Melvins have a busy February ahead of them, releasing a trio of albums via Ipecac Recordings on Feb. 26: a new Melvins 1983 release named Working With God as well as a pair of vinyl reissues: Hostile Ambient Takeover and Gluey Porch Treatments.

Working With God is the second release from the 1983 iteration of the band, which features Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover and original drummer Mike Dillard. The trio’s previous release was the 2013 album, Tres Cabrones.

The band preview Working With God with a pair of singles: “I Fuck Around” (a re-imagined cover of The Beach Boys’ “I Get Around”), and “Bouncing Rick,” a song about Buzz Osborne and Mike Dillard’s junior high biology teacher. The pair of songs can be heard below.

Commenting on “I Fuck Around,” Osborne said: “It’s reflective of our 8th grade sense of humor, which we’ve never grown out of. We hope Brian Wilson doesn’t get mad.”

The slate of releases can be pre-ordered now (, with a selection of limited edition vinyl variants available. Working With God is available in a variety of formats: digital, CD, standard black vinyl, limited edition silver vinyl (2000 worldwide) and custard (500 worldwide). Hostile Ambient Takeover, which see its first ever vinyl release, is available on yellow in pink vinyl (Ipecac webstore exclusive, limited to 500 copies) and pink vinyl (3000 worldwide). Gluey Porch Treatments is available on glow-in-the-dark green vinyl (Ipecac webstore exclusive, limited to 500 copies) and neon green (2500 worldwide).

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