FRACK – “Accelerant” (Forbidden Place Records)

True to the album’s title Frack! have managed to drop firebombs with this release.

One In The Chamber starts our journey with an ominous heavy riff with slide guitar frivolity. You can’t really explain how well it works together until you just listen. I found myself immersed in the brooding riffs wanting to slosh stomp through a swamp of punks. And then, like a descending angel trying to light the way, comes a cherub’s harp in the guise of a lap steel guitar, and all you can do is smile.
I can’t help but make comparisons to early OC punk legends Agent Orange’s Mike Palm, when I hear Jose’s vocals. Upon listening you’re immediately taken back to the late 80s and the onset of crossover infiltrating the San Francisco punk scene. Cement mixed riffs with gravely vocals spewed across mid tempo songs. Yes! This is what was needed.
This is an unrelenting, hammer fist production of quality songs throughout. Sacramento has been harboring the talents of Eric Marais, Jose Rojas and Malcom O’Keefe for quite sometime. This trio have found a great home within Frack! The angry dissonance and quirky lap steel goodness is just too great to pass up.
By far one of my more anticipated releases coming to vinyl. Thankfully the songs are available Forbidden Place Records Bandcamp, until I can get my hands on that wax!
Until then, I’ll be chanting Rise Above and smashing through walls from the Sacto Sludge Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll goodness of Frack!


Author: The Devil’s Addict

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