OSYRON Releases New Music Video “Viper Queen”

After great reception from new fans for their 2020 record “Foundations”, Calgary, Canada’s Osyron will be reintroducing the past to the present with the re-release of their 2017 album “Kingsbane” in a Deluxe Edition on May 14th.

The Deluxe Edition of “Kingsbane” will feature all original tracks from the 2017 full-length remixed and remastered (original recordings were with former drummer Trevor Cobb). There will also be three rewritten and rearranged bonus tracks for Viper Queen, Griefmaker, and Razor’s Wind (Acoustic) with current drummer Cody Anstey. The original recordings of the bonus tracks were written by guitarists Krzyszt of Stalmach and Bobby Harley, but for the Deluxe Edition were collaborated by the whole band. The Deluxe Edition of “Kingsbane” was also entirely re-mixed by bassist Tyler Corbett and re-mastered by drummer Cody Anstey.

In lead up to “Kingsbane: Deluxe Edition”, the band is sharing the music video for the remixed, remastered, and rewritten single “Viper Queen”. The video injects fans with venomous speed and a power punch of melodic heavy metal.


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