Interview with Stefano Franceschini of HIDEOUS DIVINITY

Formed in 2007 in Rome, Hideous Divinity quickly set to work on releasing their first demo, 2007’s Sinful Star Necrolatry.

Over the course of the next five years, the Italians changed lineups, refined their songwriting, and eventually inked a deal with American death metal stable Unique Leader Records. With the California-based label, Hideous Divinity released three immensely heavy, wickedly technical, and brazenly brutal albums, the last of which was 2017’s Adveniens effort. Lauded by death metal fanatics the world over, the album ostensibly furthered Hideous Divinity’s high-concept theme and blended tech-death mantra. It was, for intents and purposes, a way forward. With the release of Simulacrum on their new label home, Century Media Records, the band has toured non-stop and received tons of press raves all around the world. Hideous Divinity just released their new EP on LV-426 on April 23rd.

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