RAVENOUS Announce New Album “Hubris” Out October 2021

This year, Calgary’s Ravenous is giving metalheads another reason to be famished after the long musical starvation experienced around the globe. They are releasing their new full-length album “Hubris”, which continues to reminisce about a time when metal was hungry.

This will be the second full-length release, following 2019’s “Eat the Fallen”, and 2017’s “Eternal Hunger” EP. Working collaboratively, so that the strengths of each musician can stand out and compliment the others, Ravenous have grown from doing basic fist-pumping heavy metal songs into writing complex, dense, and multilayered dark symphonic power metal anthems. The band doesn’t just caw about hunger, they take lyrical inspiration from personal experiences, books, movies, games, (especially Magic: the Gathering), classic poetry, folklore, and historical events. They explain the album in their own words:

“Lyrically, the album tells 10 stories from various sources all surrounding Hubris, the notion of arrogance and the hunger for power, resulting in the demise of the story’s main characters – beneath the surface, hidden messages are scattered throughout various lyrical lines that pertain to the band’s real-life experiences. Musically, the album is the marriage of European Anthemic Power Metal and American Speed Metal, with a penchant for speed and aggression accentuating the dynamics of the music.”

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