Italian Symphonic Metal ETERNAL SILENCE Music Video “Glide In The Air

Italian symphonic metallers Eternal Silence will be releasing their new album “Timegate Anathema” on October 8, 2021 via Rockhots Records. Recorded at The Groove Factory (Udine, Italy) and Line/Out Studio (Milano, Italy) with mixing and mastering by Michele Guaitoli (Visions of Atlantis, Temperance, Kaledon), the full length will feature ten tracks of symphonic and power prog metal plus will see the band introduce new elements and experimentation into their sound. 

The album goes from power metal songs like “The Way Of Time” and “My Soul Sad Until Death” to heavy and dark ones like “Rain and Red Death Masquerade”, passing through the catchy melodies of tracks like “Glide In The Air” and acoustic moments on “Lonely and Firefly”. The main theme that inspired the record is the concept of time.

“It has been a long time since our last full length was released, we took our time to make the best songs possible and then the pandemic broke in and forced us to stop and wait for the right time to publish it. But now everything is ready and we can’t wait to finally share this with you all.” adds the band.

Today, Eternal Silence unveils their music video for the second single “Glide In The Air”, which is one of the most easy-listening songs from the album with its catchy melodies and beating rhythm.

The band explains the song’s concept in further detail:

“This song was conceived by our guitarist Enzo Criscuolo. The guitars and the rhythmic section are strong and the beat of the drums plays a main role. Unlike the other tracks on the album, for Glide In The Air, there’s no bombastic orchestra and classical strings, but electronic keyboards and synthesizers that give the entire song a different taste and personality. The vocal part is completely entrusted to Marika, who shows her full potential in a more modern and poppy ambiance.”

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