Concert Photo Review: DOROTHY @ Ace Of Spades – Sacramento, California

On May 18, I got to see the Los Angeles based band fronted by vocal powerhouse Dorothy Martin for the first time. I heard of Dorothy back in 2018 when Dorothy was set to perform at Aftershock Festival, but, regrettably, I was working and unable to make it out to her performance. I was so curious and was not sure what to expect.

Los Angeles’ Classless Act kicked off the evening with a performance filled with bouncy, youthful energy. Classless Act was a great fit for the night’s uplifting vibe. The band will open for Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett on “The Stadium Tour,” which makes sense, as Vince Neil helped them with the recorded version of their song that shares their name. Get out early and catch them if you can this summer!

Second was Joyous Wolf, who I had seen at this venue with another national act in 2019, but they matured since their last visit. Joyous Wolf was incredibly seasoned and refined. If you like a modern twist on classic rock, Joyous Wolf is an excellent choice! I thoroughly enjoyed their performance last time, and on this trip through Sacramento, I enjoyed them even more. Their vocalist connects with his bandmates and the crowd, and they are a treat for all who get to attend their shows, and not just because they are talented, but also because they are outstanding entertainers. This is the second time I have seen the band as a supporting artist but want to see them as a headliner in the future!

The crowd was anxiously awaiting the main act, who was supporting the album Gifts From The Holy Ghost. Dorothy Martin made her grand entrance with a sea of fog, a coffee cup, and her shades. From the moment she hit the stage, she captivated her audience. Her movements and vocals were mesmerizing. It was tough to look away from the vocalist throughout her performance, but I only had three songs to photograph, and I committed to capture the whole band. I can honestly say that I could have photographed her all night and no two images would look alike. The talent and chemistry shared between band members as Dorothy worked the stage, and the magnetism shared with the audience as they progressed through the set, made for a unique musical experience. I would see Dorothy again now that I know what to expect – a talent-filled blend of pop-influenced astonishing vocals and hard-hitting rock musicianship that create a hypnotizing performance. See Dorothy when they come to your town, as they are not a band you want to miss!

Photos and words courtesy of Jennifer Black @ Black J Photo.

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