Arizona Tech-Death Band DECIDUOUS Release Heavy Debut Single

Coming out the gates swinging with their first single “Ghost Grey,” Phoenix, AZ technical death metal band Deciduous deliver a frenzy of chaos and beatdown riffs. Intricate harmonized guitar noodling is prominent throughout this one. This track takes many directions but its one to get any crowd into the pit.

Even though the band is in Arizona, they withhold a strong Cali tech death vibe circa 2004-2008. It makes sense being that one of the members is from California. If you’re a fan of Deeds of Flesh, Arkaik, or early Spawn of Possession as examples this band is for you. The harmonized diminished scale runs and arpeggios stand out impressively weaving in and out of dark guitar chords.

Artwork- Sean Sullivan

Artwork- Sean Sullivan

The drumming is extremely fast with relentless double bass cutting through. Insane gravity blasts at parts as well. After the rapid tempos, a huge beatdown riff occurs at 54 seconds in. The vocalist has some killer gutturals here. His range throughout the track is versatile with highs and lows too.

The bass guitar tone is deep and perfect for this music. It stands out well in the mix which can sometimes be a challenge when you’re playing alongside 8 string guitars. Another note about the guitars is that there are fragments of the riffs where they do tasty counter parts too. It’s cool to be able to listen to a track a few times and still catch new phrasings you may have not noticed first listen.

I’m most excited to hear future tracks from the band that will have guitar solos in it. If you check out their Instagram, there is some out of this world shredding and unorthodox phrasing that is jaw dropping.

Deciduous will be releasing their debut EP around October of next year. They will release a single roughly every 3 months. Keep an eye out for them. They have a lot more to say and will make a solid mark in the underground scene. I’m stoked to see more avenues they take and I really hope to see them live one day. Now go blast the song!

Michael Saban- Vocals

Jared Pettit- Bass and Production/Recording Engineer

Jamil Muhammad- Guitar

Matt McClanahan- Guitar

John Low- Drums

Joel Wanasek- Mastering

EP cover artwork- Sean Sullivan



Author: Tom Sundgren

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