Concert Photo Review: PARKWAY DRIVE, MEMPHIS MAY FIRE and CURRENTS @ House of Blues Dallas – Dallas, TX

When I arrived at the venue, there was a line that took up the whole city block. Once inside, the place already looked packed. The show was opened by American metalcore band – Currents.

The band is – Brian Wille (vocals), Chris Wiseman (guitar), Ryan Castaldi (guitar), Christian Pulgarin (bass) and Matt Young (drums). The crowd went wild when the band started playing their first song of the night – “Monsters” from their “The Way It Ends” album. The next song was “Into Despair” from their “I Let the Devil In” EP, followed by the title track from an upcoming album – “The Death We Seek”. People in the audience were crowd surfing the whole set, and the mosh pit was going non-stop with every song. At one point, one guy from the audience was rolled out in a wheelchair because he injured his leg in a mosh pit. The band’s performance was energetic and powerful, they definitely set the mood for the rest of the night.

Setlist: Monsters, Into Despair, The Death We Seek, Kill the Ache, Better Days, Remember Me Vengeance

Next on stage were Memphis May Fire, an American metalcore band with origins in North Dallas area. This show was part of their Remade in Misery Tour. The crowd was patiently waiting for the band to hit the stage, and once they did, everyone in the crowd was screaming with excitement. The set started off with “Blood & Water” and followed by most of the songs from the band’s latest album “Remade in Misery”. The whole place went insane! The security guys had their hands full, catching crowd surfers by the stage the whole set. The mosh pit grew extensively with every song. The safest place, for me, was up in the balcony where the audience was in their seats, headbanging and enjoying every minute of the show. The band was full of insane energy and the crowd loved it!

Setlist: Blood & Water, Left for Dead, Death Inside, Bleed Me Dry, Vices, Somebody, The American Dream, Make Believe, Misery, The Sinner.

Headlining the show was an Australian metalcore band – Parkway Drive. The band is – Winston McCall (vocals), Jeff Ling (guitar), Luke Kilpatrick (guitar), Jia O’Connor (bass) and Ben Gordon (drums). The whole place was completely packed. It took a bit of maneuvering just to get to the photo pit. The audience was anxiously waiting for the band to hit the stage, chanting the band’s name. Very bright, white lights from the stage lit up the whole venue. The band jumped on stage and kicked off their set with “Glitch”, from their latest album “Darker Still”. From the very first notes, the crowd was jumping and headbanging to the song. Crowd surfers were at it again, dropping into the photo pit one by one every couple of minutes. Next song was “Prey” from the band’s 2018 album “Reverence”. Everyone in the audience was headbanging and throwing up the horns. The band played a few more high energy songs. At one point, the mosh pit took up half the venue. The best refuge, once again was the balcony, where it was much calmer, yet I felt the stairs tremor, similar to an earthquake.

The rest of the set was as energetic and powerful all the way until the band started playing “Darker Still”. The whole place went dark, Luke Kilpatrick picked up an acoustic guitar and started playing the song. Spotlights were only on Winston McCall and Luke Kilpatrick who were next to each other, the rest of the stage was still dark with smaller lights moving around. The stage projectors lit up the for the second part of the song. The audience had their phones up, like lighters in the old days, and waving their hands in rhythm with the song. The whole scene was awesome, gave me goosebumps. Once the song was over, the whole band got close to the edge of the stage and interacted with the audience. For encore, the band played “Crushed” and “Wild Eyes”.

Overall, this whole show was one crazy experience. All three bands kept the insane energy going the whole night. The crowd loved every minute of it. At the end of the show, as the crowd was leaving, I saw at least 5 people with bloody noses but looked happy and satisfied. Everyone was discussing the whole experience.

Setlist: Glitch, Prey, Carrion, The Void, Soul Bleach, Vice Grip, Dedicated, Imperial Heretic, Karma, Boneyard’s, The Greatest Fear, Darker Still — Encore — Crushed Wild Eyes

Remaining US tour dates: FEB 10 – The Paramount, Huntington, NY

FEB 11 – Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ

FEB 13 – KEMBA Live!, Columbus, OH

FEB 14 – Marathon Music, Works Nashville, TN

FEB 15 – The Fillmore, Charlotte Charlotte, NC

FEB 16 – House of Blues Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, SC

FEB 18 – Heartsupport Fest, Orlando, FL

Pictures and review by Artur Brakhman, see more stunning photos from Artur at this link HERE.

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  1. The photos are really good and the review mentions all of the night’s details!
    I know because I was there.
    Great job! Keep it up!


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