DIESEL BOY Makes Triumphant Return With New Single “Bismarck”

U.S. band Diesel Boy returns with their new single “Bismarck”, a skate-punk anthem, the kind which has been sorely missed. The new track arrives as pre-orders launch for their new album “Gets Old” on SBÄM Records (out July 28).

A lot has changed since Diesel Boy last made a record. Three presidents have been sworn in, its members made five kids, the record business collapsed–, oh and there was that pesky pandemic. But after twenty years away, the beloved punk rock quartet is back with a new record, their first shows in decades, and a fresh outlook on playing music.

The new single “Bismarck” marks the start of a new era and will leave listeners excited about a new album.

“‘Bismarck’ is an amalgam of memories about moving to Seattle 20 years ago, a big life change for me. Some of the details are real – there was an actual postcard from a girl I was crushing on, while other details are metaphors for the city itself. Both the girl and my new home struck me as beautiful in similarly unconventional ways. We hadn’t planned on having a woman sing on the track, but Matt Bayles, who produced the record, came up with the idea, and when he suggested Kim Warnick of seminal Seattle pop-punk band The Fastbacks, it was a no-brainer. It completed the circle some 22 years later,” says Dave Lake.

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