New Hellyeah Video Interview @ Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2015

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Adam Kirk of Capital Chaos TV talks with Tom Maxwell & Kyle Sanders of Hellyeah @ Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival – June 28, 2015 – Mountain View, California

Hellyeah is an American heavy metal supergroup, consisting of Mudvayne lead vocalist Chad Gray, Nothingface guitarist Tom Maxwell, bass player Kyle Sanders, Rhythm Guitarist Christian Brady and former Panteraand Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul. The idea to form a supergroup originated in 2001 on the Tattoo the Earth tour, although plans were constantly put on hold due to scheduling conflicts. The summer of 2006 allowed the band to take the project seriously and record its first album. Recorded at Chasin’ Jason studio in Dimebag Darrell’s backyard, a self-titled album was completed in roughly one month. Released on April 10, 2007, the album entered the Billboard 200 at number 9,[selling 45,000 copies. Allmusic reviewer William Ruhlmann stated the album is “a competent example of its genre” awarding the album three and a half stars.


New Video Interview With Todd Smith and Brian White of Dog Fashion Disco


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Todd Smith and Brian White of Dog Fashion Disco share their thoughts with Amb Pirate of Capital Chaos TV 06/17/14 @ Assembly – Sacramento, California Dog Fashion Disco….audio and video courtesy of James Anderson

Dog Fashion Disco is an avant-garde metal band from Rockville, Maryland, that was active from 1995 to 2007 before disbanding. The band has officially reunited as of October 10, 2013.

Combining many different music styles (70’s psychedelic, jazz, piano recital, heavy metal, circus music and vocals, among others) Dog Fashion Disco was primarily considered an avant-garde metal band.The band’s lyrical content is often highly esoteric and satirical, with constant tongue-in-cheek references to the occult, drug use, and mutilation. A major influence on the band’s sound was the California genre-defying act, Mr. Bungle.


Upcoming Sacramento Area Shows Of Interest December 2014

Punk Rock But Kinda Not Tour Featuring: DOWN • Orange Goblin • BL’AST • King Parrot

$26.00 Advance •  Age limit: All ages

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Jessia Wabbit Presents: (WANING) • Abrams • Name • Etched In Stone

$7.00 Advance •  Age limit: 21+

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Thu, Dec 11 @ 8:00 PM

The Boardwalk, 9426 Greenback Lane,Orangevale, CA 95662

FROM FIRST TO LAST • DayShell • Our Endless Obsession • Me Vs. You • Cast the Clarity • Micki Lane

$15.00 Advance • Age limit: All ages

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Fri, Dec 12 @ 8:00 PM

The Boardwalk, 9426 Greenback Lane,Orangevale, CA 95662

BURNING RAIN is an all-star band featuring guitarist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake/Dio), vocalist Keith St. John (Montrose), bass player Sean McNabb (Dokken/Quiet Riot/Great White) and drummer Matt Starr (Ace Frehley/Bang Tango/Beautiful Creatures) • Opening bands include Astral Cult • Force Multiplied • Restrayned • Arminius

$15.00 Advance • Age limit: All ages

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Sat, Dec 13 @ 7:00 PM

The Boardwalk, 9426 Greenback Lane,Orangevale, CA 95662

Trigga Productions Presents: LIONHEART • HAVENSIDE • Lifeforms • With Wolves • These Streets • Yankee Brutal

$12.00 Advance •  Age limit: All ages

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Sat, Dec 20 @ 7:00 PM

The Boardwalk, 9426 Greenback Lane,Orangevale, CA 95662

ONE-EYED DOLL • White Knuckle Riot • Heat of Damage • Nostalgic • Bri

$12.00 Advance •  Age limit: All ages

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Wed, Dec 31 @ 7:00 PM

The Boardwalk, 9426 Greenback Lane,Orangevale, CA 95662

KOREAN FIRE DRILL Presents SAC OF ALL STARS New Years Eve Rock Party • Featuring KOREAN FIRE DRILL • Clockwork Hero • ForNever • Graveshadow

FREE New Years Eve Show! Age limit: 21+

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The Last Internationale Video Interview @ Aftershock 2014

Amb Pirate chats with guitarist Edgey Pires and vocalist Delila Paz of The Last Internationale @ Aftershock 2014 – Sacramento, California


The band was formed by New York City guitarist Edgey Pires and vocalist Delila Paz.

In January 2013, they released a 5-song EP titled New York, ‘I Do Mind Dying. Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello introduced the band to his bandmate, drummer Brad Wilk, who subsequently joined the band. Their debut album, We Will Reign, was released on August 19, 2014. The album was produced by Brendan O’Brien and Brendan Benson.

The band made their network television debut on August 27, 2014, playing “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Indian Blood” on the Late Show with David Letterman. They will be opening for Robert Plant in the fall to support his Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar tour.

New Interview With Vorzug


Vorzug Interviewed by Lynn Moll / Fall 2014

Vorzug is Tony Hoyes (Vocals), Ivan Schone (Guitar) , Dan Beck (Drums) and Rock Rollain (Bass)

Formerly the band Lustmord (Blackened Death Metal from AZ)

Interview is with Tony, Ivan and Dan

Q- I understand you have a new band name

Tony: Yes, Vorzug – German for preference or best

Q- Have you guys played together before?

Tony: Yes we have been in various bands together including being the Green Jelly back up band in our area since 2009 and Lustmord (Blackened Death Metal from Phoenix, AZ)

Q- Music Producer

Vorzug: Michael Beck of Soundvision

Q- Artwork

Vorzug: Moon Ring Designs did our logo, we have worked with Moon Ring for our previous artwork.  We are shopping around with artists trying to find the best quality for our budget.  We’ve been talking with Missy Munster about artwork, shes a really strong artist out of Oakland California so she might do some art work for us.

Q- Tony when did you get started doing vocals?

Tony: I started doing vocals at 16. Didn’t take it seriously until 17 or 18. My first band was called Jesus Fish. Thrash / Death metal type of band. We used to get booked for churches and they would all want their money back after we played.

Q- Tony How many bands have you been in?

Tony: 6 maybe 7 but I was briefly in bands and I’m not counting those. We had a SuperGroup named Debaucher planned around 2002/2003 with some of the guys from Hirax and Life in a Burn Clinic with me on vocals. Life in a Burn Clinic broke up and the guys in Hirax were busy. Plus I live over 4 hours away so nothing has come about with that just yet. That would’ve been a cool band to pursue. I’ve mainly been in Lustmord and Womb Raiders.

Q- I understand you have a label. What is going on with that? Has the name changed?

Tony: Yes, we have a label named Apollyon Entertainment. . Mainly for putting out our own music. The band itself is a business but we do management and distribution for anyone through the label.  We do accept demos but unlike most “underground” labels we don’t do trades or release just anything, we focus on high quality produced music and require the bands to have all of their business stuff locked down before we get involved as we release through Universal Music Group.

Q- Favorite Horror Movie Icon

Tony: Freddie Krueger (Nightmare on Elm ST)

Dan: Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

Ivan: Regan MacNeil (Exorcist)

Q- What is your favorite Song to practice to Dan?

Dan: anything off the second album from Kingdom Come

Q- Dan, where do you see yourself as a drummer in 5 years?

Dan: I see myself on every current ten year olds tshirt in 5 years. Hopefully drumming for a living / fulltime: Tours, instructional videos, all that.

Q- Dan, favorite venue overall you’ve ever played?

Dan: The Satyricon in Portland Oregon was a place that felt like home. The second you cross the street you feel at home in that place.

Q-Dan, who did you listen to as a kid and that made you say “I want to do that”?

Dan: Alex Van Halen – he was on top with the kit, the tours, the right photo person, etc. when I was first starting. Pete Sandoval is more the style I have adapted to. I have idolized the “Sand Devil” for a long time. Since their 2000 work I have been really into Morbid Angel and Pete Sandoval’s playing style.

Q- Dan, favorite recording studio?

Dan: SoundVision in AZ with Michael Beck as Producer

Q- Ivan, how old were you when you first started playing?

Ivan: I was 18. I actually tried out for the vocals in that band. We did a few covers but the only way they would let me into the band is if I bought a guitar. So I bought a guitar just so the guitar player could borrow it. And I suck at singing so they kicked me out of the band. I took the guitar with me. That’s how I became a guitar player by default.

Q- Ivan, I understand you just played a gig at the Sin Bar in LA (I dig that venue) with your other band Element A440. How did that go?

Ivan: The place was cool, a lot of cool characters there. Strange to see a lot of people wearing our shirts there. The place has a built in crowd to begin with so that was pretty cool.  To have people that actually knew our music there was actually a little bit overwhelming. I’d never been there before.

Q- What has been your influence?

Ivan: Everything influences me. Even the stuff I don’t like which influences me that I don’t want to sound like that. I listen to everything; punk, grindcore, hair metal, the radio, everything.

Q- Ivan- Favorite venue you’ve played as Vorzug/Lustmord?

Ivan: That’s a toss up between The Rainbow Room in LA and The Hydra in Long Beach.

Q- Ivan, how do you and Rock work on music so far apart?

Ivan: Rock sends me videos and recordings via email

Q- Ivan what other jobs do you have besides playing guitar?

Ivan: Everything I do is centered around music. I work at Guitar Center, play guitar and sound engineering. I don’t do anything that is not music related.

Q- Ivan, do you play anything besides metal?

Ivan: It all comes down to the music and what you feel when you listen to it. You can call it Grandma’s Cookies music for all we care. It’s just about the way you feel and the way we feel playing it. Hopefully somebody will get a rise out of it. If not, it’s all good. We’re still having fun at it.

Q- Tony, What has been your favorite recording studio?

Tony: My favorite is also SoundVision Studios in Phoenix AZ. I’ve been to a few of them out in LA and a lot here in Phoenix. Michael Beck’s studio is not the biggest and doesn’t have the most expensive equipment but when it comes down to it, he knows what he is doing. That makes all the difference to me. He’s the guy to go to in terms of working with the guy. His resume speaks for itself at the top of the list is  A & R for Warner Music & Hollywood music TV. He was in a bunch of bands from the 80s and 90s. I generally will go about things my own way

Sleepwave Inteview @ Aftershock Festival 2014

Amb Pirate chats with Spencer Chamberlain & Stephen Bowman of Sleepwave @ Aftershock 2014 – Sacramento, California

Sleepwave is the new band from former Underoath singer Spencer Chamberlain. Music and shows coming soon…

Interview with Big B

Amb Pirate had the opportunity to sit down with Suburban Noize recording artist Big B @ his recent appearance at Sacramento’s Assembly Music Hall  November 29, 2013

Amb Pirate: The new album “Fools Gold” where you have came into your own, you’ve evolved and you’ve done collaborations with artists like Dirty HeadsSlightly Stoopid and Pink, looking back now that it’s been out a couple months, is there anything at all you would want to change?

Big B: I want more time. There’s a few people; I’ve got a song with Mickey Avalon that didn’t make it on the album, I wish I would’ve put it on there. Besides that there’s not too much I would like to change. I always want more time. My happy spot’s in the studio so I mean this is cool but you gotta work for it, like its so much work to come up here and the people have a great time, but it’s not what people think sometimes.  You can go in there and there’s not a thousand people, but then we have shows in certain areas that do, but it’s a lot of work. Touring for me is getting to where I’m like ahhhhh, but I don’t have a choice cause I love it. Then I get home and I start fucking getting in trouble again so I gotta go back on the road. People think it’s the other way around. You go home and stay outta trouble. But just more time, that’s it.

A: Let’s talk a little bit about Pink; I know Carey Hart is one of your best friends. So being that you are a dad of little girls, what are you doing to monitor the music that they’re listening to? Who are they influenced by right now?

Big B: Music it’s a weird thing cause you can’t be a hypocrite cause I’ve corrupted so many little kids, I’m a youth corrupter for sure. So for me to come back and say you can’t do this would be kinda weird. I always hope they have good taste in music. My oldest daughter plays drums and she like’s a little different music than her sister but the youngest one, I think cause I spend so much time with her, she likes Jack JohnsonBob Marley, Pennywise. I don’t really try to regulate what their listening to. I mean I don’t want em listening to some of the rap, just too much out there. I don’t want to do that, I don’t want to police my kids cause they’re gonna do it anyways, they’re gonna listen to it. So if I’m like “Don’t do that, if I see it again” and all that means is you won’t see it again so I can’t be a hypocrite.

A: Since being on Inked, are you a still a fan of reality based tattoo shows?

Big B: You know Inked’s a weird weird thing, it’s like scripted reality. I played Carey’s assistant on the show and that’s not even really my thing. I’ve been working side by side with him since the beginning, but we needed to build these characters. I just know how fake the shows are, like you can’t really draw fake tattoos on people and act like their cover-ups, when their not real. Hats off to anyone who can make a buck and do that, but reality TV is like scripted reality. Like I’m great friends with the Pawn Star guys, but life’s not that interesting. All of these shows need to have excitement, and can you imagine a regular movie would be so boring if it was like real stuff? I’m not a big fan of it, I respect it, it’s a hustle. Whatever you gotta do to make a buck and I enjoyed what we did for two seasons, it helped me out a lot. Not musically, but I’ve gone to the airport and old ladies were nice to me, they think I was gonna steal their purse cause they saw me on TV. So that’s good (laughter).

A: So do you tattoo?

Big B: No. I hate blood, I just don’t like grabbing on people and you gotta deal with the sweat and stuff. I am covered in it, but no I don’t tattoo. I help run the shop when I’m home in Vegas, take care of the shop and do whatever we gotta do to keep it going. We’re in the process of franchising right now so we gotta a lot of work to do. We have three and we’re trying to have six by 2014. Then I can retire.

A: I understand that you are a fan of Harleys, classic cars and graffiti. What is your dream classic car?

Big B: I’ve already had it, a 48 Sedan. I’ve had over almost 50 cars, I’m a car junkie, I buy em and sell em. I love the sedan; it’s my favorite out of all cars. All the Cadillac’s, but ya that’s my car.

A: In your travels, what have you seen as far as the best town or city to see some real sick graffiti?

Big B: You can do the normal like New York or Boston but then there’s odd ones that you wouldn’t think like Denver. New Mexico has tons of artists. I like all those places. Midwest not so much but there’s a lot of cool places. And then over sea’s like Japan are starting to get big.

A: Being that are you on tour constantly and away from your family, what do you do on that day that you’re just “not feeling it” because you don’t have the type of job where you can call in sick?

Big B: Drugs. (laughter) For me I just get in the game, that’s the one bad part for me, is there is no down time, being able to take it off. These guys will tell you I’m the most moodiest guy. So I try to just take it back in and meditate. We go fishing; we do all kinds of stuff. The problem is you can’t really go to bars, we always work. And the days off we have, are the days off no one really wants to go out so the next thing you know, we’re with two 60 year old ladies in front of some bar, talking about “This is awesome”. And it’s the truth. And for us too, when we have to headline like this and everyone’s gone so it’s just time to leave. I like going on second or third.

A: With everything that you’ve done so far, the lives that you’ve touched and the records that you’ve made, what would you like to be most remembered for when they sit around and tell the tale of Big B?

Big B: Just being honest and real, putting it out there on the table and not hiding anything. Music is just hard; I’ve fluctuated so much, I’m never happy with what I do. That’s the thing with me. When I started out from what I used to be doing now, I didn’t want to leave a legacy of just that style. Even these guys get pissed and they hate me but they know I’m honest. I’m definitely an asshole but my true friends know that I’m loyal and I’ll be around.

A: So what do you have on your plate for 2014?

Big B: I’ve been doing a project with DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill, and Rome from Sublime, and we have this thing we’ve been doing. And then probably Slightly Stoopid still, we’re gonna go out in the spring. I just have so much music backlogged that I’m trying to step away from touring so much and start selling songs. I have a catalog, and everyone’s trying to sell stuff like Sugar Ray and different people. So I’m trying to sell music, stay home. I got a country record too I’ve been trying to put together. The studio is just the best place for me. Even like my style of writing is so simple, people they think out of the box and try to be so advanced and so intelligent but that’s not how human conversation is. So if you can write songs that people can relate to, and then other people are like “man, those are just dumbed down”.  Well guess what guy, that’s reality and that’s how people talk. Unless you’re in some booshie restaurant, using big words to impress each other.


For Big B, please check out these sites and go hear him perform at a town near you: