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New Interview With Vorzug


Vorzug Interviewed by Lynn Moll / Fall 2014

Vorzug is Tony Hoyes (Vocals), Ivan Schone (Guitar) , Dan Beck (Drums) and Rock Rollain (Bass)

Formerly the band Lustmord (Blackened Death Metal from AZ)

Interview is with Tony, Ivan and Dan

Q- I understand you have a new band name

Tony: Yes, Vorzug – German for preference or best

Q- Have you guys played together before?

Tony: Yes we have been in various bands together including being the Green Jelly back up band in our area since 2009 and Lustmord (Blackened Death Metal from Phoenix, AZ)

Q- Music Producer

Vorzug: Michael Beck of Soundvision

Q- Artwork

Vorzug: Moon Ring Designs did our logo, we have worked with Moon Ring for our previous artwork.  We are shopping around with artists trying to find the best quality for our budget.  We’ve been talking with Missy Munster about artwork, shes a really strong artist out of Oakland California so she might do some art work for us.

Q- Tony when did you get started doing vocals?

Tony: I started doing vocals at 16. Didn’t take it seriously until 17 or 18. My first band was called Jesus Fish. Thrash / Death metal type of band. We used to get booked for churches and they would all want their money back after we played.

Q- Tony How many bands have you been in?

Tony: 6 maybe 7 but I was briefly in bands and I’m not counting those. We had a SuperGroup named Debaucher planned around 2002/2003 with some of the guys from Hirax and Life in a Burn Clinic with me on vocals. Life in a Burn Clinic broke up and the guys in Hirax were busy. Plus I live over 4 hours away so nothing has come about with that just yet. That would’ve been a cool band to pursue. I’ve mainly been in Lustmord and Womb Raiders.

Q- I understand you have a label. What is going on with that? Has the name changed?

Tony: Yes, we have a label named Apollyon Entertainment. . Mainly for putting out our own music. The band itself is a business but we do management and distribution for anyone through the label.  We do accept demos but unlike most “underground” labels we don’t do trades or release just anything, we focus on high quality produced music and require the bands to have all of their business stuff locked down before we get involved as we release through Universal Music Group.

Q- Favorite Horror Movie Icon

Tony: Freddie Krueger (Nightmare on Elm ST)

Dan: Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

Ivan: Regan MacNeil (Exorcist)

Q- What is your favorite Song to practice to Dan?

Dan: anything off the second album from Kingdom Come

Q- Dan, where do you see yourself as a drummer in 5 years?

Dan: I see myself on every current ten year olds tshirt in 5 years. Hopefully drumming for a living / fulltime: Tours, instructional videos, all that.

Q- Dan, favorite venue overall you’ve ever played?

Dan: The Satyricon in Portland Oregon was a place that felt like home. The second you cross the street you feel at home in that place.

Q-Dan, who did you listen to as a kid and that made you say “I want to do that”?

Dan: Alex Van Halen – he was on top with the kit, the tours, the right photo person, etc. when I was first starting. Pete Sandoval is more the style I have adapted to. I have idolized the “Sand Devil” for a long time. Since their 2000 work I have been really into Morbid Angel and Pete Sandoval’s playing style.

Q- Dan, favorite recording studio?

Dan: SoundVision in AZ with Michael Beck as Producer

Q- Ivan, how old were you when you first started playing?

Ivan: I was 18. I actually tried out for the vocals in that band. We did a few covers but the only way they would let me into the band is if I bought a guitar. So I bought a guitar just so the guitar player could borrow it. And I suck at singing so they kicked me out of the band. I took the guitar with me. That’s how I became a guitar player by default.

Q- Ivan, I understand you just played a gig at the Sin Bar in LA (I dig that venue) with your other band Element A440. How did that go?

Ivan: The place was cool, a lot of cool characters there. Strange to see a lot of people wearing our shirts there. The place has a built in crowd to begin with so that was pretty cool.  To have people that actually knew our music there was actually a little bit overwhelming. I’d never been there before.

Q- What has been your influence?

Ivan: Everything influences me. Even the stuff I don’t like which influences me that I don’t want to sound like that. I listen to everything; punk, grindcore, hair metal, the radio, everything.

Q- Ivan- Favorite venue you’ve played as Vorzug/Lustmord?

Ivan: That’s a toss up between The Rainbow Room in LA and The Hydra in Long Beach.

Q- Ivan, how do you and Rock work on music so far apart?

Ivan: Rock sends me videos and recordings via email

Q- Ivan what other jobs do you have besides playing guitar?

Ivan: Everything I do is centered around music. I work at Guitar Center, play guitar and sound engineering. I don’t do anything that is not music related.

Q- Ivan, do you play anything besides metal?

Ivan: It all comes down to the music and what you feel when you listen to it. You can call it Grandma’s Cookies music for all we care. It’s just about the way you feel and the way we feel playing it. Hopefully somebody will get a rise out of it. If not, it’s all good. We’re still having fun at it.

Q- Tony, What has been your favorite recording studio?

Tony: My favorite is also SoundVision Studios in Phoenix AZ. I’ve been to a few of them out in LA and a lot here in Phoenix. Michael Beck’s studio is not the biggest and doesn’t have the most expensive equipment but when it comes down to it, he knows what he is doing. That makes all the difference to me. He’s the guy to go to in terms of working with the guy. His resume speaks for itself at the top of the list is  A & R for Warner Music & Hollywood music TV. He was in a bunch of bands from the 80s and 90s. I generally will go about things my own way

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