Dark Descent Records Announce Release of Sempiternal Dusk’s ‘Cenotaph of Defectuous Creation’

SEMPITERNAL DUSK return with their second full length of primitive death metal doom entitled Cenotaph of Defectuous Creation.

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Heresiarch to return this summer with “Death Ordinance”

New Zealand’s Heresiarch will release Death Ordinance – the band’s first ever full-length – this summer on Dark Descent Records.

The album breaks a three-year silence following the band’s 2014 7-inch Waelwulf. Heresiarch first emerged from the depths in 2011 with the Dark Descent Records-backed release Hammer of Intransigence.

Dark Descent Records will release Death Ordinance July 7 on CD and digital formats. Vinyl treatment to follow.
“Those who flee the hammer, shall abide the forge”
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Death Ordinance is set in a future ravaged by 30 years of war, global societies have collapsed into anarchic warfare between tribal bands. Following nuclear warfare and EMP’s, remnants of technology are repurposed solely for conflict. Regression becomes progress as oppression and power struggle with natural law and imminent extinction.
What remains of humanity struggles in the vestiges, the final lineage impotent and malformed, for the scraps of a dying world. The album documents the twilight of existence through three movements the onset as “Consecrating Fire” and concluding with “Desert of Ash”.
Each song is deliberate with serving a purpose compositionally as well as with the lyrical narrative.
June 1st – San Diego (Til – Two Bar)
June 2nd – Los Angeles (Complex)
June 3rd – Oakland (The Golden Bull)
June 4th – Sacramento (Starlite)
June 6th – Portland (Twilight)
June 7th – Seattle (The Highline)