Violation Wound to release double album “Broken Idol / Elimination Time” November 20th


Violation Wound return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the explosive double album release of “Broken Idol” and “Elimination Time”, together for the first time on one CD! 36 songs of blistering punk/hardcore in the classic way… no trendy mall stuff here, just the real gritty deal! Featuring Chris Reifert (Autopsy, Abscess) on guitar and vocals, Matt O’Connell (Fog Of War) on drums and Joe Orterry (ex-Fog Of War, ex-Zombie Holocaust) on bass. Don’t miss this ripping slab of whiskey soaked adrenalized ferocity! 54 minutes of 100% aggression and kick ass riffs, nothing trendy, wimpy or pretentious. Features killer artwork from Nev for both albums and a foldout poster containing full lyrics. For fans of Abscess, Circle Jerks, The Dead Boys, D.R.I., Eat My Fuk, GG Allin, Motorhead, The Ramones and Sex Pistols.



“Broken Idol” Album:

1. Inner Disease
2. Brutality Code
3. After The Riot
4. Dead End Gaze
5. Some Kind Of Dread
6. Leave A Scar
7. You’re A Wreck
8. Wired For Hate
9. Broken Idol
10. Out Of My Skin
11. Whiskey Brigade
12. Watching It Rot
13. The Damage Done
14. Trouble Comin’ My Way
15. This Is Ignition
16. Violation Wound II

“Elimination Time” Album:

17. What Remains?
18. Getting Personal
19. Abuse, Abuse, Abuse
20. Quest For Control
21. Blackout Train
22. Anonymous Creep
23. Weapons
24. Searching For Zero
25. Blowtorch
26. Unfixed
27. Roll Over And Die Blues
28. Elimination Time
29. Bleed Me Dry
30. Built To Spill
31. First Times Never Last
32. Blistered Pride
33. I’m Not The One
34. Spiders And Flies
35. Blitzed Out
36. I’m The Wolfman

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