Brand Spankin’ New Video From Manowar


MANOWAR Unveil Stage Designs For “Gods And Kings World Tour 2016” And Three New Music Videos

During a press conference held in Bochum (Germany) Joey DeMaio unveiled to German and international journalists and to special guests the stage designs for MANOWAR’s upcoming “Gods And Kings World Tour 2016” that will kick off on January 15, 2016.

“This new production is packed with everything a MANOWAR fan can dream of: Massive sound, sensational visuals, and all of the anthems our fans love!” said Joey DeMaio. “We are extremely excited to bring this monumental world of fantasy to life on stage for our fans!”

“Monumental” is not only the motto of the tour but also the scope of the production:
300,000 Watts for bombastic sound and over 150 m² of high resolution 6k LED panels for visual indulgence will power MANOWAR’s most expansive indoor production to date, making it a feast for eyes and ears. The production will travel with 6 trucks and 5 busses more than 8,000 km through 12 countries. Over 100 specialized crewmembers will participate behind the scenes to present a spectacular show, night after night.

The press event in Bochum was also the stage for the world premiere of three music videos celebrating MANOWAR’s worldwide loyal following: ‘The Heart Of Steel MMXIV’, ‘Warriors Of The World United’ and ‘The Dawn Of Battle’ were presented, the latter two tracks were recorded live at Monsters Of Rock Brazil 2015, in front of 40,000 fans during MANOWAR’s most recent show in 2015.

“These videos are a thank you to our fans; the greatest fans in the world!” said Joey DeMaio. “For those who have not been to a MANOWAR show yet, these videos will give them an idea of the unparalleled love we feel when we get on stage, and the electricity that burns between the band and the greatest fans in the world. There is no better inspiration, no better reward for everything we do!”

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