Chris Webster of The Weekend Classic Interviewed

Hailing from Madison, IN comes The Weekend Classic, an alternative rock trio consisting of Chris Webster (vocals/guitar), Ryan Wells (guitar/vocals), and Christian Richards (drums). Formed in 2012, The Weekend Classic used their quintessential high school years to develop, practice, and fine-tune their sound.

After a successful 2017, The Weekend Classic signed with independent record label, Rude Records. Now a little older and wiser, the band collaborated with Seth Henderson once again to produce and mix their new six-track EP, Better Health, out April 6th, 2018.

How did you first get in to music? Who turned you onto alternative rock?

There are many musicians in my family so music has always been apart of my life.
Christian Richards (drums) was the one who first turned me onto alternative music.

What got you started playing music and how old were you?

My father was in an active cover/original band throughout my childhood one day I asked him to show me how to play Seven Nation Army on his Indiana Acoustic guitar (age 11) and I haven’t stopped playing since.

How did you become a guitarist and vocalist? Are you proficient in any other instruments?

I used to play lead guitar for a cover band a year after learning my first song. Then I started a band with Christian and my goal was to find someone to sing for us but that didn’t work out so I just started singing. I can also play drums, bass, banjo, piano, trumpet and I’m learning how to play sax.

How did the band form and how did the band name come about?

I moved into a house down the street from Christian and started hanging out and jamming with just the two of us. We went through many different projects until finally we settled on The Weekend Classic. Christian came up with the name one day while we were sitting in the band room after jamming. We decided to call it The Weekend Classic because every weekend we would just try to have a good time with our best friends at my old place.

New EP “Better Health” drops in April, what went in to the writing process? Lyrically and musically? One or two guys do the writing or was it a group effort?

The writing process for this record started in the band room. We all had some riffs that we were trying to choose from and finally settled on 6 songs to take into the studio.
Lyrically the songs were unfinished and some even untouched but between the four of us we quickly started to fill in all the gaps.

How did the deal come about with Rude Records?

They had emailed us and we thought it was the best deal at the time for us and we took it. Rude has helped out many bands and I am happy to be apart of the family.

What is the writing process like for you? How do you pick what you want to keep and release and what gets tossed aside?

Usually when I sit down and try to write i never get anywhere, but sometimes I will feel inspired and it just flows and I can finished an entire song in an hour or less. I can usually tell if it’s going to be a good song or a bad song.

How do you picture your fans enjoying your album once it is released? What’s the ideal listening environment?

I don’t think our fans are going to expect how different the record is compared to our past releases. Hopefully it’s a pleasant surprise. We always jam new music while we’re driving, so I’d say bump it on a long drive or something.

What is the music scene like in your Madison?

There is a lot of local talent in Madison mostly classic rock and blues music.

Best and worst part of touring?

The best part of touring is getting to travel, see my friends and play shows every night.

How much time do you spend on social media a day? Which do you hate the most but can’t live without? Which do you like and why?

I don’t spend a lot of time on social media. I only have an Instagram and a Facebook and I’m usually posting once or twice a week.

You’re on a desert island and only have three albums to listen to for the rest of your life, what are they and why?

Led Zeppelin II, Master of Reality(Black Sabbath), and Rage Against the Machine because rock n roll 🤘🏻

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