Sacramento’s DECONSTRUCT In Search of New Front-Man!

The story runs deep with Deconstruct. An aggressive, in your face, heavy rock/modern metal band comprised of the brutal, grungy groove oriented guitar riffs of Joe Fraulob (ex-Danzig), the powerful, deep, head-spinning bass lines of Bobby Real (ex-Dedvolt), the bone crushing drums of Tom Frost (ex-Luxt) and vocalist MC Droze’s intense growling and often melodic vocals. Yeah, this band has got it going on … A solid timeline of success, expanded musicianship and continually evolving into a “Post Apocalyptic” Metal genre!

Deconstruct is currently seeking a new front-man to fill the void after original singer Droze moved to another state. MC Droze will be missed and his latest contribution to the soon to be released LP Ashen Empire is nothing short of incredible. “We wish him the best with all his endeavors,” says Fraulob. The full-length album has been recorded, engineered and produced by Joe Fraulob, and mixed by top renowned industry pro, Juan Urteaga of Trident Studios (Testament, Machine Head).

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  1. Did you find anyone yet. I just heard about this. I’d be interested in throwing my hat in and giving it a shot. Been a while since I was on stage… But I saw you guys when you opened for Geoff Tate at Harlow’s. Love the new CD!


    • As far as I know they still seek a frontman. Give it a shot by all means.


      • I am going to contact Matt and see if he gives me his blessing. Then maybe I will move forward. I used to sing for Suburban Paranoia yrs ago. I am familiar with the Ashean Empire CD. I really enjoy it and think I could nail most songs. We’ll see. Thanks


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