Virus Syndicate Return With New Music Video “Chaos & Commotion”


Since the announcement of Manchester UK collective Virus Syndicate‘s return on new LP Symptomatic, out now via their imprint Midication Records, the band has found their music sparking debate thanks to a combination of in-your-face attitude and blunt force lyrical rhymes. Beginning with the banning of lead music video “Psychopath” in France, the band’s largest market, followed by NSFW comic relief on “Gimme The Mic,” the band have unleashed their latest audio-visual stunner on new music video for “Chaos & Commotion.”

Never ones to shy away from a little controversy, “Chaos & Commotion” sees the band explore the unsettling topic of drug abuse and its’s subsequent turmoil in an unsettling five-minute video. Ripping the blinders off and giving us a heavy dose of reality, “Chaos & Commotion” confronts the viewer and invites them to step out of their comfort zone to face an issue that touches us all. Paired with the single’s infectiously dark and roving dub melodies, “Chaos & Commotion’s” moody realism will not soon be out of mind.
A true testament to Syndicate’s growth as artists after a decade at the forefront of the grime/hip-hop game, Symptomatic represents the band’s full evolution from MCs to fully fledged music producers as the entire LP is produced in-house and solely by Virus Syndicate. Hear the fullSymptomatic LP out now via the band’s label Midication Records.

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