OBITUARY – “Ten Thousand Ways To Die” CD Review

For over 30 years now the Tardy Brothers (John and Donald) have been bringing their low end tones of Death Metal to the masses and in their latest release Ten Thousand Ways to Die they do not disappoint.
What makes Ten Thousand Ways To Die unique is that it starts off with a couple new studio tracks followed by what most would consider a live greatest hits album with songs recorded from their last U.S. tour.

“Loathe” is the first track off the album and to me it has an old school “Redneck Stomp” feel to it. Slow, powerful and heavy. This new track really encompasses all we have come to expect from Obituary.

The next song on the album is the title track “Ten Thousand Ways to Die”. This track is vintage Obituary in my opinion. All the signatures of Obituary are there, vocals, drum sounds, guitar tones and a really cool guitar solo segment towards the end of the track which I didn’t expect but was pleasantly surprised by.

Generally speaking I haven’t always been the biggest fan of live albums, I tend to lean more towards the quality of a studio album and live records tend to miss the “cleanliness” which I enjoy in my music. With that said, it is hard to not love this album. With live tracks like “Chopped In Half”, “Bloodsoaked”, “Don’t Care” and of course my personal “Slowly We Rot” I can definitely overlook any imperfections the live recording process may have added to this record, and trust me there aren’t very many.

This album is a good example of why this band from Tampa, Florida has been around for as long as they have been. Obituary is consistent, you know what you’re going to get when you buy their music or go see them live. Any true metalhead should own this record, Ten Thousand Ways To Die is heavy, groovy and there isn’t any bullshit in it. The way metal should be!

The Thousand Ways To Die
Redneck Stomp (Live-The Mayan-Los Angeles)
Centuries OF Lies (Live-The Masquerade-Atlanta)
Visions In My Head (Live-Baltimore Soundstage-Baltimore)
Intoxicated (Live-Revolution Center-Boise)
Bloodsoaked (Live-Irving Plaza-New York)
Dying (Live-Metro-Chicago)
Find The Arise (Live-Opera House-Toronto)
Til Death (Live-House Of Blues-San Diego)
Don’t Care (Live-Club Red-Phoenix)
Chopped In Half (Live-The Ritz Ybor-Tampa)
Slowly We Rot (Live-Revolution Live-Fort Lauderdale)

John Tardy – Vocals
Donald Tardy – Drums
Trevor Peres – Guitar
Terry Butler – Bass
Kenny Andrews – Guitar

Gene A. Gaona

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