Aftershock 2016: Metal, Mayhem and Monster Energy

Monster Energy Aftershock returned with a blast to Discovery Park with a line up that included fan favorites Slayer, Ghost, Meshuggah, Max and Igor Cavalera, The milder weather compared to the blistering 105 degrees and up of the two previous years made for much more enjoyable outdoor experience that even bringing a sweater for the evening performances made sense.



One dollar packs of cigarettes, courtesy of signing your life away to Newport and Camel through their virtual reality air conditioned trailers, made for a cooler climate during the warmer temperatures of the day. Reasonably priced scrumptious sweet potato garlic fries at Drewskis Hot Rod Sandwiches and lobster rolls at Cousins Maine Lobster. The biggest draws and longest lines we experienced were for the pizza trucks such as localy based Smokin Hot Pizza with  lip smackin’ goodies like the apple pie dessert pizza pie, yummy.

The three stages this year, were far enough apart as to not to trample on each others sound waves. The Monster Energy stage having the most production with massive video walls on each side of the stage that headliners Avenged Sevenfold and Tool really took advantage of with stunning visuals.
The big concern of course this year was entrance and exit to the venue which was nightmare last year at Gibson Ranch. Premium parking which was basically parking on the grounds was sold out well in advance of the date but shuttle service from a few miles aways was provided as well as drop off points for Uber and Lyft on the boat launch side relieved all of the headache of last year.


Zakk Sabbath, brought us former Ozzy Osbourne lead axeman Zakk Wylde, note for note Black Sabbath renditions with a short but powerful set including Children Of The Grave, Snowblind, Supernaut, War Pigs and Faires Wear Boots on the Capital stage, which just happened to be directly under Insterstate 5. Though the sound was excellent throughout you could feel the rumblings of the vehicles overhead as the War Pigs wall of sound pulverized all in attendance.



It seemed a much more adult, blue collar crowd in attendance were in delight with with the older acts such as Korn, Disturbed, Slayer and Primus. Overall a smashing success for the event organizers and money well spent for all 46.000 ragers in attendance

Words and Pictures by Zoran Theodorovic

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