Detroit City Featuring Too $hort – “Freeky” // Out Now On Planes

Watchful eyes have already noticed Detroit City’s work with productions for the likes of Sage The Gemini and the newly re-united Cool Kids. Now they’ve joined forces with hyphy legend Too $hort to bring you the housey and x-rated “Freeky.”

With Mike Dunn’s full blessing, Detroit City flips his classic “Freaky MF,” blending soulful house vibes seamlessly with Too $hort’s sexual lyricism. “Freeky” is a track that’s as likely to stick in your head as turn your cheeks red; a must-have for DJs and fans of the club, a modern spin on a timeless classic.

Detroit’s global reputation as a city of musical innovation is unparalleled. There is no place like it. As such, a crew of anonymous artists is coming together under the name Detroit City, paying homage to their founders’ geographical roots in The D, as well as the sound and culture that influenced their own styles. Blending elements of hip-hop, house, and funk, Detroit City seeks to obliterate the walls separating club, rap, and pop scenes.

The goal is forging a new international scene of diversity, one that celebrates underdogs and outcasts, pitched against and amongst the backdrop of the legendary clubs and DJs that brought us together in the first place.

Old is new again in a sample-based culture that increasingly disregards age, race, and status distinctions, and this ethos is central to the collective. Also central is the idea of consent and collaboration – in a scene dominated by the theft of ideas, Detroit City actively collaborates with originators of sounds, songs, and styles, bringing their love and passion back into present and future focus.

The masks donned by Detroit City are intentional to their form, removing gender, race, and sexuality from the equation in an otherwise image-obsessed and fueled culture.

Detroit City, much like the real place, is about the music.

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