Six Feet Under: Torment – CD Review

What can this humble reviewer say, I’m a Chris Barnes fan, and it’s not the popular opinion of the Metal community but Six Feet Under is my favorite band he has ever fronted. So as I waited for the bands twelfth studio release entitled Torment, I was really looking for something, and special is what I got.

 The first thing that stood out to me on this new record Torment was it had an incredible old school Six Feet Under feel to it, but with a ton of new found energy. Chris Barnes sounds amazing on this record, almost rejuvenated. Add Chris’s vocals in with Jeff Hughell’s ruthless riffs and heavy grooves we all have come to know and love from SFU, you really got something. Did I mention we have a new member playing on this album? Marco Pitruzzella is a one man wrecking crew behind the drum kit. Marco’s drumming style fits right in to with Six Feet Under like a hand to glove, a great addition to one of my favorite bands.

Trying to pick out a few of my favorite tracks on Torment was a little more difficult than usual because there seems to be an abundance of killer material on here. So here are a few that I found it necessary to talk about.

One of the first songs that grabbed me was the second track called “Exploratory Homicide.” If you like your Death Metal at a frantic, yet steady pace, this is a song for you. The drumming is out of control in the best way possible. The guitar and bass riffs keeping pace with the drums is a perfect blend of Death Metal goodness.

Moving on to track four “Schizomaniac,” this song embodies Six Feet Under perfectly; it has what you want in your Death Metal. Blistering Death Metal blast beats, big heavy grooves, and a nice little “slower” section. “Schizomaniac” changes speeds perfectly and is a really well produced song.

“Slaughtered As They Slept” is the seventh track on Torment and possibly my favorite. This song starts out sounding dark, heavy and evil as hell. And then around the one minute mark something happens, it absolutely makes me want to destroy and kill everything in my sight (minus the wife and kids of course). This brutal riffs kicks in followed by some flowing lyrics that sound ridiculously perfect together. “Schizomaniac” is an instant Six Feet Under classic and in my opinion should make the live rotation when they are on tour.

Since I have gotten a little older I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes blast beats can be a little overwhelming. But if you arrange them with outstanding slower riffs and deep grooves, it can be a perfect marriage. This Metal fan is of the opinion that Torment is one of the most brutal, heavy and fun releases I have heard in a long time. Now Brother Chris get the boys together and get down to Nor Cal, we await the return of the mighty Six Feet Under live!

  Gene A. Gaona

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  1. Swanson riffs were best


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