Kevin Sharp of Lock Up Interviewed

This March, Listenable Records unleashed the long-awaited new full-length from LOCK UP entitled Demonization. The band’s latest incarnation features Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth, Venomous Concept, Primate etc.) on vocals alongside bassist Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Meathook Seed, Brujeria etc.), drummer Nick Barker (Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir etc.), and guitarist Anton Reisenegger (Pentagram – Chile, Criminal).

Morgan McCormick got to chat with Kevin Sharp of Lock Up about their new record that came out March 10th, possible plans to tour, leftover material and what they’re going to do with it, and more.

Morgan: So are there plans to tour for Demonization?

Kevin Sharp: Actually we don’t have anything confirmed to date but into April we’re doing the Campaign for Musical Destruction Europe thing. With Napalm, Brujeria, and Power Trip.

M: Nice, that’ll be crazy.

K: Yeah it sounds great and all but you’re not Shane Embury. You don’t have to play three times in a night.

M: Oh yeah, didn’t even think of that. That kinda sucks.

K: Well you know, it was his idea I mean at the end of the day Lock Up is Brujeria with a different singer. Barker’s in there, Anton’s in there. Shane, Barker, and Anton all play in Brujeria.

M: God Shane’s a powerhouse.

K: The man’s gotta be on his vitamins for sure. It’s not like when we were kids running around headless. Sober with families, it’s all weird. But yeah touring, Dan will probably set something up over here.

M: How long have you had the material for Demonization accumulated? I ask because for that kind of record it’s a little on the longer side. It’s nice and fat.

K: The thing is there’s three other songs that aren’t on that record that came out as a digi or whatever in Japan and there’s also extra stuff on top that. We didn’t even bother getting around to mixing that stuff. That’s the thing about those kinds of records, it tends to be so over the top that like about thirty or so minutes you’re a little tired. Like your ear needs a break. But I think some of the greatest records are short. Like Reign In Blood, stuff like that just gets it done man. You don’t feel short changed when you hear Reign In Blood right? You don’t feel like, well that was kinda short.

M: Right, well I mean I will admit if I do listen to a record that’s abnormally short and it’s really good it tends to make the time go by really quick and it’s like damn. I mean, not like it’s lacking but it makes me wish it could be a little longer.

K: Well it just leaves you wanting more. They come out and bitch slap you around for like twenty minutes and then leave.

M: I mean it’s a great tactic.

K: In terms of the Lock Up record it definitely moves around a bit. It never loses its tack or the fight but it has dynamic to a certain degree and it’s not just all straight full throttle.

M: Do you think those tracks you were mentioning will go on something in the future?

K: Ah who knows, they’ll probably come out. There’s all sorts of covers and weird ones from obscure bands you’ve probably never heard of. Well one was a Venom cover. What’s ironic is that for my first show with Lock Up it was with Venom in Columbia.

M: That sounds pretty big, a little intimidating to do for your first show with a band yeah?

K: Yeah I had like twelve days to learn the setlist. It was a tough first day at work.

M: So for this record what made you guys want to go through Listenable records as opposed to Nuclear Blast?

K: Well you know, I know a bunch of people from Nuclear Blast they’re a great label great distribution and stuff. But I think we just wanted to be with a smaller label. The owner’s really bright and has great ideas. The way he does things is more in line with my thinking. You get more concern and care from a label like that you know? They’ve got a plan. Most labels nowadays don’t have a fuckin’ plan. Like if you have any business at all whatsoever you have to think about what your plan is. Most labels don’t have that nowadays. Everything’s just up in the air. You gotta think about where you’ll be in five years. Besides that, he’s already done really cool things.

M: So what’s your take on current events? Do they fuel the fire for songwriting?

K: Well we’re not just talking Trump. Demonization basically, if you listen to a song you could perceive it to be just a Trump bash and there’s that aspect there. But it’s more about a cultural kind of.. just humans in general. It’s a global crisis. It’s something greater, way more fucking horrible.

LOCK UP Discography:
Pleasures Pave Sewers (1999)
Hate Breeds Suffering (2002)
Live In Japan (2005)
Necropolis Transparent (2011)
Lock Up/Misery Index Split EP (2011)

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