Tyrannosorceress To Release Debut Album Via Tofu Carnage Records

Dallas, Texas-based black metal horde, Tyrannosorceress, presents their tormented debut full-length Shattering Light’s Creation, now confirmed for release through Tofu Carnage Records in June. The label has issued the album’s artwork, track listing, and more.

Formed in 2010 by members of Dallas-based Cleric, Tyrannosorceress laid the foundation for their unique take on black metal with their 2011 demo. Gestating in the years since, Shattering Light’s Creation documents the band’s transformation into a chthonic force. Labyrinthine, weaving riffs draw the listener into dimensions beyond death. Invocations bellow towards black infinity. Chaos reigns. Recorded and mixed by Irving Lopez, and mastered by Brad Boatright, Shattering Light’s Creation captures the band’s intricate songwriting with sonic precision. Lucas Ruggieri’s monstrous front cover drawing provides a window into a haunting abyss.
Pressed to two massive slabs of vinyl, featuring a D-side etching by Ruggierei and layout by Zach Jobin and Tofu Carnage’s Sean Mehl, Shattering Light’s Creation will see release on June 23rd. Preorder info, audio samples, and more on the album will be issued in the weeks ahead.

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