JEREMY WAGNER of BROKEN HOPE “I’ve become what I call a death metal lifer”

Broken Hope are gearing up to release their seventh studio album, Mutilated and Assimilated and have already unleashed two singles from their forthcoming death metal monster. First came the title track via lyric video directed by Tommy Jones, and featuring incredible illustrated storyboards by Mark Rudolph.  

Guitarist and founding member Jeremy Wagner of Broken Hope was recently interrogated by Iron Serbian at an undisclosed location on the phone, enjoy the interview in the clip below…

Getting into music and metal….

I really got into Pink Floyd and a couple of years later I started discovering metal, like Judas Priest “Screaming For Vengeance”, i was like holy shit, this is great. The next thing is I moved to the next nearest big city from the country and MTV was on and there was so many heavy metal videos that were on at the time so I started to get turned onto all kinds of heavy metal bands and buying metal magazines, around 1984 – 85 when I heard Metallica “Ride The Lightning” that changed my life. That’s what made me want to become a metal guitar player and shorty after I was seeking out the heaviest music I could all the time, and I discovered Slayer “Hell Awaits” and then “Reign In Blood” came out, that changed my life again. I wanted to play faster, more extreme music. Reign In Blood evolved my tastes and passion for death metal and that’s where I’ve been ever since, I’ve become what I call a death metal lifer, death metal for life for me!

On using the late Slayer guitarist’s Jeff Hanneman guitars.

I also used exclusively one of Jeff Hanneman’s custom ESP’s for the entire tracking of the album, for all the rhythms, harmonies and stuff. When you hear the new album, that’s all Jeff Hannemn’s guitars basically through Broken Hope amplifiers.



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